Window Treatment Trends to Try

Mar 31, 2020

Window Treatment Trends to TryIf you want to make a meaningful impact on your home’s beauty and style, enhancing your window treatments is an excellent place to start. After all, your windows have the potential to either be a gorgeous focal point of any room or an eyesore that detracts from its overall appearance. If you want to make sure that your windows are the former, consider trying out the following popular window treatment trends.

Natural Materials

One of the most popular window treatment trends among homeowners and interior designers today is organic materials. Consider investing in natural woven shades in materials like bamboo and matchstick, as they provide a casual yet sophisticated look to a space and let in beautiful diffused light while still providing privacy.

Layer Blinds & Curtains

One of the most stylish ways that you can help your windows stand out is to layer blinds and curtains. Woven wood shades with white drapes is a particularly popular combination, as it provides a sophisticated, crisp look and an eye-catching contrast of color and texture.

High-Tech Additions

Technology has a way of simplifying every aspect of our lives, and this extends to windows as well. Opt for blinds and shades that have motorized options so you can open and close them via remote.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtain panels dramatically change the look of a room. They make a space feel larger by elongating the wall and add a luxurious touch to any room. While small curtains look like they’re there for practicality, floor-to-ceiling curtains make a purposeful, modern design statement that you’re sure to love.

Sleek Lines

Sleek, simple silhouettes against a window instantly provide a contemporary feel to any room. A popular window treatment that speaks to this modern look is panel-track systems, which are influenced by Asian shoji screens. They are made of fabric or woven-wood panels and can be used as room dividers or on windows and doors for a chic, streamlined appearance.

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