Window Treatments

Nov 02, 2021

What Window Treatments Are Best for Living Rooms?

What Window Treatments Are Best for Living Rooms?Do you want to update the stained, outdated, or broken window treatments in your living room? Or are your windows bare and in need of some dressing up? Whatever the case may be, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of window treatments available on the market today to suit your home, taste, and budget. Consider the following popular options when you’re ready to upgrade the window treatments in your living room:

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular types of window treatments, thanks to the plethora of benefits they provide. They are hard window coverings, characterized by their tilted wooden louvers, which are similar to the slats on blinds. Unlike blinds, they are fitted to the window frame and can be opened out like doors, rather than pulled up or down by a string.

When choosing plantation shutters, you typically have many different materials to choose from—from natural woods such as teak to cost-effective options like MDF and vinyl. Once installed, plantation shutters are low maintenance, can shut out light and provide excellent privacy, making them an ideal choice for a living room.


Shades are soft window coverings that come in a singular piece of fabric or synthetic material that can be raised or lowered using a cord or a remote control, if motorized. These window treatments soften a window’s appearance and can provide various levels of opacities, from relatively sheer to total black-out.

Furthermore, there are many different shade styles to choose from based on your functional and aesthetic goals, such as cellular, roller, pleated, Roman, and woven wood. For a living room specifically, cellular shades are ideal, as they provide ultimate energy efficiency, which will keep your interior feeling more comfortable all year long.


Like shutters, blinds are hard window coverings with slats that open and close for light control. These slats tumble down the blind as it is lowered or can be pulled across a window to stack lengthwise, to the side. They are available in a wide array of durable, low-maintenance materials, with the most popular being wood, faux wood, and vinyl. They’ll provide a clean look for your windows no matter what your living room décor, provide great privacy and light control, and are more affordable than other types of window treatments.


Drapery will add a stunning look to your living room, and can be customized using an array of gorgeous fabrics, colors, textures, patterns, and other design options to achieve the appearance you envision. If you want more light to come into your living room you can choose a light and airy fabric, and for more darkness you can choose a fabric that’s heavier and opaque. For a living room, it’s best to layer drapery with another window treatment, such as shades or blinds, if you want to achieve total privacy and light control.

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