Top Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

Mar 28, 2016

Install Plantation Shutters in Pleasanton, CA

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your interior décor or save money in the long run, you might benefit from looking into the many possibilities of plantation shutters . These custom-built wooden window coverings are a popular response to plastic blinds and fabric curtains. You won’t be sorry you invested in money-saving, aesthetically-pleasing plantation shutters.

Save Your Money

Investing in custom plantation shutters will save you more money than you realize. The biggest cost-cutting benefit is increased energy savings. These shutters are perfect sun deflectors while insulating your home. As the sun rises, you can change the angle of the shutters to divert sunlight elsewhere in the room. You can even consider installing mechanical shutters that will open and close automatically in accordance with the level of sun they receive.

More Privacy and Ventilation

Another of the many reasons to invest in interior shutters are the combined benefits of privacy and ventilation. Imagine a nice, cool evening, and you want to open your windows to let in the sea breeze, but you don’t want strangers peeking into your home. Plantation shutters can be angled perfectly to allow ventilation from the outside, but keep your home safe from prying eyes.

Save Your Furniture and Your Taxes

In addition to angling your shutters to deflect the sun from heating up your home, you can save your furniture and interior walls and floors from sun damage. Blinds and curtains can certainly block sun, but they’re not as effective as plantation shutters in keeping the beating sun off of your beautiful furniture. Also, custom shutters are considered a capital improvement by the IRS. This results in tax savings when you plan to sell your home. With this in mind, remember to keep your receipts and records handy when filing your taxes.

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