Tips for organizing your kids closet…and keeping it that way.

Apr 22, 2019

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up can seem like a futile endeavor, and keeping their closets organized can be a real challenge. They outgrow clothes so quickly that you can sometimes find yourself buying new sizes as often as you buy for a new season, and their toys may seem to multiply just as soon as you think you’ve got them contained. What can you do? We have some simple tips to get your kids’ closets organized and keep them that way.  

  • Involve your kids in the process. Now, we’re not saying they have to be with you every step of the way because, as every parent knows, getting rid of your kids’ underused or outgrown items is much easier when there’s no one around to protest. However, the kids are going to be the ones using the space, so it only makes sense to let them be a part of the organization process. Talk to them about how they’d like to store and sort things, and discuss what might be the most logical way to organize the space. They may come up with ideas that surprise you, and when they understand the system it will be easier for them to keep it under control.  
  • Find a smart way to hang clothesJust grouping like items on a standard closet rod may not be the right option for a child’s closet. It’s easy to create a double bar system, just by purchasing a drop-down bar that attaches to the existing rod. You might hang shirts on the top rack, pants on the bottom, and if you have dresses to store, it might be smart to keep some space that’s not doubled up, so they have room to hang. You can store the garments however it works for you: while hanging like with like might be smart for some families, others prefer hanging outfits together to make it easy to choose one on a busy school morning. You might also consider a hanging organizer labeled with the days of the week, for laying out school clothes a week at a time. Make sure that whatever system you use is flexible enough to grow with the child as time passes.  
  • Bin things up to keep them from moving aroundBe smart with toys and other items on shelves, using bins, baskets, and racks to keep them from falling out every time you open the closet door. Look at your storage solutions with a critical eye. Do you need more shelving? Would cubbies be a smart addition to your child’s closet? Are additional bins needed? Decide which items are best stored in the closet, and then make sure every single item has a home before you’re finished. When everything has its own proper place, it makes it easier for your kids to put things away.  
  • Label everything using a kid-friendly system. How will they know the proper places without labels? Even if your kids can’t read, you can use colors and pictures to keep everything organized and tidy. Cleaning their rooms and tidying their closets can become a great way for your kids to practice their sorting and matching skills! What’s more, using bright, colorful labels and pretty, color-coordinated containers can make kids more likely to want to keep the closet looking nice.  
  • If siblings must share, make the closet friendly. Find a closet system that makes it easy to divide the closet into sides, so each child can keep his or her own items separate from those of the sibling. You might consider a unit in the center of the closet, housing shelving, drawers or cabinets, with clothing racks on either side to make the separation very clear. Of course, you’ll also want to label everything with the owner’s name to prevent squabbles.  
  • Make the most of all available spaceLook up, look down, look all around. Are you using every available inch to its full potential? Think about areas like the back of the door, which can be perfect for a hanging shoe back or organizing rack, or the top of the closet, where vertical space is abundant. It’s easy to stack containers with little-items up there, but if you really want to go all out, there are also custom closet solutions that involve pull-down racks and other innovations to really make the most of every bit of space.  
  • Consider customizationOne of the best ways to organize your kids’ closets is to have them custom-made for each child. Whether you need custom hanging solutions, shelving areas, builtin drawers or cabinets, tilt-out baskets, or even hidden storage, calling in a professional is a great way to maximize your space and create a closet that’s easy enough for even a child to keep organized.  

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