Tips for Improving Your Closet Organization

Jun 10, 2016

Improving Your Closet Organization in Pleasanton, CA

If you’re tired of pulling half of your belongings out of your closet to find a single item, or of needing to open several storage boxes before finding the one you need, there are steps you can take to keep your closet neat and tidy . Use the following tips to improve your closet organization:

Take a closer inventory.

It’s vital to know exactly what you have if you want to successfully organize your closet. To do this, take every item out of your closet and use the bed or floor as a staging area. Next, begin organizing all of your belongings into categories, putting like with like. Because closet organization can be a lengthy process, box or bag up small items, such as makeup, sunglasses, and jewelry, that may become lost or mixed up as you work.

Examine what you have.

As you go through each accessory or article of clothing, take the time to decide if it is something that you use, need, or want. Unnecessary items take up precious space and contribute to disorganization, so you are better off selling or donating what you don’t use. If you have clothing that you haven’t worn in over a year, jackets that no longer fit, or several scarves that look alike, consider letting these belongings go. As you work, separate items that do not belong in your closet. Items being stored in the improper place is a leading contributor to closet disorganization and lost belongings.

Use an organization system.

Storage boxes and baskets are often essential for closet organization. Closet organization systems take this concept much further and can maximize the amount of storage and organization that you can get out of your closet. By adding shelving, hanging units, and drawers, you can drastically increase the usable space and accessibility of your closet.

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