Tips for Choosing Shutters for Your Doors

Sep 29, 2016


Are you thinking of enhancing the appearance of your home by installing shutters over your doors ? If so, then use these tips to decide which type of shutter is right for your home:


As you begin the selection process for your new door shutters, a good place to start is with the material. You will find that quality shutters are available in a range of materials, with natural wood and synthetics being two of the most popular choices. Keep in mind that natural wood shutters are often lighter in weight, long-lasting, and solid in structure, while synthetic options tend to be waterproof, faster to build, and more cost-effective.


The color of your shutters will make a big impact on their overall appearance. Many homeowners choose to match their shutters to the door frame. By doing this, they can create an impressive, structured appearance. Although pairing like colors for the door frame and shutters is a popular option, you can design something more dynamic by choosing a color that contrasts the frame, but matches your furniture or flooring. Also, if you have cabinetry or other shutters that share the same room, then consider matching the color of your door shutters with these features.


Finally, you will need to select a style for your shutters. The design that you choose will have an impact on both the function and appearance of your door shutters. Most shutters come in either a louvered or paneled design. When it comes to shutters for doors, however, they are usually a movable louvered design, which allows their panels to be opened so you can see outside or let natural light into the room. Plantation shutters feature wider slats than traditional shutters, and they are a popular choice for door shutters due to their beautiful structure.

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