The Versatility of Wall Beds

Jan 05, 2016

A wall bed, also often called a Murphy bed, is a bed that is hinged on one end so that it can store vertically against a wall, or be stored in a closet. When most people think of a wall bed, it is usually associated with a small apartment or living space. While it is true that wall beds are often used to maximize space in small living quarters, they can also be used in larger homes to create more functionality out of rooms or to increase capacity for houseguests. In fact, wall beds are a built-in furniture option that is increasingly more common in homes due to their versatility.

Wall Beds made by Bay Home and Window in Pleasonton, CA

Turn Any Room into a Bedroom

Wall beds are a great option for turning any room in your home into an additional bedroom. If you host guests periodically throughout the year, having an extra bedroom is an added bonus for your guest’s privacy. A wall bed gives you that extra bedroom without having to sacrifice using the room for other purposes—such as a home office.

Maximize Space in Small Rooms

Wall beds are a creative way to get more out of a small bedroom. This can be particularly useful in children’s rooms. Having a bed that can be stored during the day increases play area in the room, eliminating the need to have a separate playroom for kids. In addition to custom closet design, wall beds offer a built-in solution that can make even the smallest of bedrooms feel larger.

Take Advantage of Multiple Design Options

The great thing about wall beds is that they are completely customizable. Not only can you custom fit the frame size to suit the needs of any room, but also the options for hinging mechanisms and mounting positions are endless.

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