The Surprising Benefits of a Wallbed

Mar 15, 2016

The Surprising Benefits of a Wallbed

Whether you are retired and looking to downsize or a young graduate moving to the big city, wallbeds, also known as Murphy beds, are making a surprising comeback. This built-in furniture can make an interesting talking point for guests, as well as a simple way to make more room in your small space .


When you’re downsizing from a large, children-filled home to a smaller, less chaotic space, consider the wallbed as one of your organization systems. The wallbed can help you double or even triple the use of a room. Do you want a guest room that can be turned into an entertainment room or home office when the guests aren’t sleeping? Would you like to make your bedroom double as a home office? Installing a wallbed can save space and create space you never even knew you had. Most people only spend their nights in their bedroom, so why let all that extra room go to waste during the day?

Part of the Décor

Some people may remember wallbeds as a joke on television sitcoms, but this built-in furniture has come a long way since it was first invented in the early 1900s. Wallbeds can be custom-built and finished to blend in with your other furniture or the wall its attached to. Most wallbeds have shelves on either side so you can decorate the room however you want. You can even have a table or desk built into the wall portion of your wallbed so that you can get started on work as soon as you’re awake.

Easy Lifting

Many people dread having to flip their mattress or move their entire bed whenever they want to redecorate. Don’t worry about heavy lifting with your wallbed. These incredible space savers lift and lower without difficulty whenever you wish.

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