The Best Insulating Window Treatments for Your Home

Dec 08, 2022

The Best Insulating Window Treatments for Your HomeDo you want to make your home more energy efficient? If yes, you might be surprised to learn that investing in insulating window treatments is one of the most effective ways to accomplish your energy efficiency goals. There are several window treatment options that provide exceptional insulation capabilities, including:

Cellular Shades

When it comes to energy-efficient window treatments, there’s simply nothing better than cellular shades. These shades are comprised of one solid piece of fabric that folds up along crisp pleats. They also have a raised and folded texture in the shape of a honeycomb. These shapes create a series of air pockets that hold heat from your HVAC system in while also greatly reducing unwanted solar heat to keep your space cool.

Thermal Roman Shades

Roman shades are fabric window shades that can be raised or lowered with the help of a cord system and rings sewn on the back of the fabric. While standard Roman shades are not as effective at insulation as other window treatments, choosing heavier thermal fabrics for your shades will provide the insulation you’re looking for.


Interior window shutters tend to have fewer gaps compared to other window treatments because they are installed tightly to the window frame. The custom fitted louvered adjustable panels prevent the transfer of warm or cold air from inside to the outdoors, which will lower the strain on your HVAC system and potentially lead to lower monthly energy costs.

Louvered Blinds

Louvered blinds are a classic window treatment option. They are available with vertical slats (called Venetian blinds) or horizontal slats (louvered) that can be adjusted to control light, heat, and solar heat gain. Consider high-quality, heavy-duty materials for your blinds, such as wood or faux wood, for the best energy efficiency, rather than flimsy plastic.

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