The Benefits of Reach-In Closets

Aug 07, 2017

When it comes to closets and built-in storage solutions, there are two basic types to consider: walk-in closets and reach-in closets. Sure, walk-in closets may sound ideal since they’re essentially multi-purpose separate rooms, but they’re not for everyone. Especially if you have a small home or a limited budget, reach-in closets should be your go-to option.

Why Reach-In Closets?

A reach-in closet, one you can reach into but not walk into, is the most common kind of closet. It’s typically equipped with a hanging rod or two and a shelf above them. This means there’s inherently a lot of wasted space. But fear not! A reach-in closet can be transformed into being super functional with the addition of built-ins, and it can still effectively store your entire wardrobe. A new reach-in closet can also be built on any open wall.


Customizable Storage

A skilled closet designer can help you maximize every inch of your reach-in closet with built-in drawers, adjustable shelves, accessory trays and even tilt-out baskets. Imagine your picture-perfect closet, and it can become a reality!

Easily Accessible

All your belongings will be easy to access and within reach. Say goodbye to digging and shuffling things around to find that great outfit you know is in there…somewhere. You’ll know just where to look for whatever it is that you need.

Get Ready Quicker

Since all your clothing and accessories will be stored in one place, you can get ready and get on with your day faster. No more going back and forth from the closet to the jewelry box to the dresser. Get your entire outfit together in one area.

Keep Organized

When everything has a place in your reach-in closet, it forces you to keep organized. In order to put something back, it will have to go in its designated spot. A walk-in closet can become a mess all too easily if you begin just tossing things in and closing the door.


Streamlined Wardrobe

A reach-in closet helps you keep your wardrobe streamlined because you can see everything you have. This pushes you to get rid of what you don’t wear (since most people only wear a fraction of their clothing anyway), and allows you to cut out any doubles that you may have. Who doesn’t like to ditch the clutter?

Adds Value

Having a closet full of built-ins increases the value of your home and helps it get more attention on the market. It’s not just an investment in your current life, but also for the future of your home.

As an award-winning company that helps people in the Bay Area create the closets of their dreams, we offer a wide selection of materials and designs, customized to the space and needs of the customer. To get started designing your own perfect reach-in closet, contact us today for a free in-home design consultation at 888-766-5919.