Smart Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

Dec 18, 2017

More often than not, kids have a bundle of clothes, shoes, accessories, and sports equipment to organize. These toys and attire can rapidly fill their closets with clutter and make you question your organization skills—and sanity. However, not just any closet will do when it comes to storing children’s belongings. Custom closets help you to get the most beautiful built-in solution for a child’s bedroom that makes organizing their belongings a snap!

Imagine how seamlessly the mornings would be if closets were in order. If you’re wondering how to organize children’s clothes and accessories, check out these tips.

Design with time savers.

Organization can help to dress your children in the morning without too many meltdowns. Ensure that you and your child know what activities lie ahead for the week so that you aren’t rushing around trying to find soccer boots on game day. Better yet, work with your child to organize outfits for the week and hang them together in the closet for easy-reach access.

Make it easy-to-use for kids, too.

Know how high your child can reach and ensure that everything in the closet is below this height. Designing a custom closet allows you to mix fixed and adjustable pull-out shoe shelves so that you can remove the shelves to make room for taller, larger shoes later on.

blue reach in closet, CA

Divide the space.

If siblings have to share a closet, keep the peace by dividing the space equally. Even if there are some shared spots or items, there should be a separation of space to avoid arguments in the future.

Leave room for toys.

Toys help to keep children young and fun, so don’t forget about them! Whether you add in designated storage for cars, stuffed animals, and dolls or simply store boxes of toys in the depths of the closet, ensure that they are labeled and can be found easily.

Decorate for appeal.

Make your furniture fun for your kids to use! Have fun with the design by adding details and your child’s personality. From their initials to adding whiteboards, fun colors, unique knobs, and more, there are plenty of ways to dress up the closet so it’s fit for your child!

Opt for a custom reach-in closet.

Your property may not warrant a whole room designated to storage your child’s clothing. Even so, there are many benefits of reach-in closets over a walk-in closet! Custom reach-in closets maximize space without adding another room, they can be completely designed to your needs, they help bedrooms to look tidy, and they match the overall style in the room. What more could you want?

Furthermore, reach-in closets allow children to visually see their clothes, toys, and organized shelves together. When you design a reach-in closet, you can customize hanging solutions, cabinet space, shelving areas, baskets, and accessory organization. In essence, kid-friendly organization has never been easier with a reach-in closet!

If you’re contemplating getting a reach-in or walk-in closet for your kid, talk to the professionals at Bay Home & Window. Our complimentary in-home design consultation will help to determine what solution is best for your needs. What’s more, our wholesale prices are available to the public, making your closets the right fit for your child, home, and wallet! Contact us on 1-888-766-5919.