Exquisitely Crafted Blinds for Homes in the Walnut Creek, CA, Area

Most homeowners will attest that decorating a home is an ongoing process, as you continually find new ways that you can boost its appearance. Sometimes, however, there is only one particular component that, if only it could be upgraded, would make a world of difference. At Bay Home & Window, we know that blinds are one of those components. You can buy a gorgeous couch or paint your walls the perfect color, but if your blinds are old and dirty, the appearance of the rest of the space will suffer. Throughout the years, we have helped countless homeowners upgrade their blinds, and we’ve seen firsthand the significant transformation they can have on a space. If you live in the Walnut Creek, California, area, we would be happy to install new window blinds that will enhance the sophistication and beauty of your home for many years to come.

A Wide Selection

Part of the inconvenience of going to a big-box store for new blinds is that they only have a limited selection. At Bay Home & Window, we have a wide array of blinds that you can choose from, and we will use our extensive expertise to help you devise the ones that will suit your taste and home. Some of the design aspects that you will be able to utilize for your window blinds include:

  • Materials, including composite, wood and faux wood
  • Styles, including Venetian, vertical, sheer vertical,  and horizontal
  • Colors that range from muted to bold
  • Sizes, as we will custom measure and cut them to fit your windows
  • Mode of operation, including cordless lift options

Furthermore, we are a wholesale supplier, so we will be able to provide you with your perfect blinds for 20-30% less than retail.

If you would like to learn more about the blinds and other window fashions that we offer to homeowners in the Walnut Creek, CA, area, contact Bay Home & Window today. We would be happy to schedule your free in-home consultation.