Industry-Leading Motorized Shades for Homes in Pleasanton, CA

Imagine not having to walk to each window in your home to open the shades and greet the sun every morning, or close each one for some privacy every night. What if you could open and close your shades using a remote control instead—wouldn’t that be convenient? The good news is, that can easily become your reality! The same way that technology has permeated all facets of daily life, so it has also enhanced the world of window treatments. At Bay Home & Window, we offer state-of-the-art motorized shades for homeowners in the Pleasanton, California, area who want to bring their window treatments into the 21st century.

What to Expect

At Bay Home & Window, we offer motorized shades that are made by some of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, such as HunterDouglas and Graber Blinds. These shades raise and lower using a motor that can be operated with various technologies, such as remote controls, buttons, and even smartphones. We also have a wide variety of shade colors, styles, and other design options for you to choose from, and will customize them to fit your windows perfectly, no matter their shape or size.

Furthermore, we will have our own—never subcontracted—team of professionals install your motorized shades using the utmost skill and expertise, ensuring that they look and perform as intended long after installation. We’re confident that when the job is done, we will have not only met—but exceeded—your expectations.

To learn more about the top-of-the-line motorized shades that we offer to homeowners in the Pleasanton, CA, area, contact Bay Home & Window today. When you do, don’t forget to ask about the flexible financing options available to those who qualify.