Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

Nov 22, 2017

The mudroom: It’s one of the most useful rooms in the house, but it is often neglected or may not even exist at all. Updating or creating one has many benefits, including keeping mud out of your living space and extra storage. Well-designed rooms usually have shelving or a built-in storage closet to maximize the utility of the room. Learn how an up-to-date mudroom will benefit you!

What Is a Mudroom?

A mudroom doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition; however, there are some common uses for this room. They are often used to store jackets, shoes, coats, gloves, and hats. Some families will also keep backpacks in their mudroom. Still others place keys, mail, and other items coming into or going out of the house here. Since this room is meant to be an entry area before walking into the rest of the house, what makes sense to store here is very personal.

A mudroom is essentially used as the room to take off your shoes and outwear before going into the house. The idea is to keep mud, leaves, snow, etc. out of the living space in your house.

Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

Planning a Mudroom

Mudroom design plans and ideas are available from many sources, including interior designers and HGTV. The first step you should take is deciding what your needs are. Is your home short on storage? This could be a place to store items that don’t have another place. If your laundry room connects your garage to your house or has a door to the outside, you might be able to create a mudroom/laundry room hybrid.

Besides thinking about storage, you should also consider this a staging area for the beginning and ending of everyone’s day. What makes sense to be in here? The layout should be governed by your practical needs and considerations. Consider placing storage in a way that will assist you, or, if you have children, your children, getting out the door in the morning and staying organized.

Customizing Your Room

A mudroom is just another room without the finishing touches. Built-in storage units for shoes and jackets with cubbies for hats and mittens will keep the room organized. A bench with under-seat storage is great for sitting down to remove your shoes. You can also store things like gardening tools or play equipment beneath it. Hooks for backpacks and shelves for sports equipment can make this an ideal storage room and make it a cinch for the kids to grab their things as they run out the door in the morning.

It’s key to decide on what look and feel you want. Natural wood and slate floors? White with patterned tile? Choose a look that will wow guests as they enter your home while still being perfect for the weather in your area and your personal needs. Use Houzz, Pinterest, and HGTV for samples.

Key Components

While a mudroom can be done plenty of ways, there are some things you simply have to have. First and foremost, you need a bench to sit on while removing shoes. This is especially important for areas that have winter weather or times when conditions are muddy. Boots require more effort, making the bench a must-have.

Next, are built in storage shelves , closets, hooks, cubbies and racks . Storage is a crucial aspect of this room. This space gives many items a home that generally end up missing or stored wherever they might fit (like hats and gloves).

Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

Last is a tile or another easy-to-clean floor covering. In a room where mud, snow, rain, and leaves are all likely to be brought in, you should think carefully about this. The flooring you choose should be easy to clean and difficult to damage. Some options are tile, slate, and stone. Consider budget, style fit with your home, and cleaning needs when purchasing this fundamental piece of your mudroom.

Making It Happen

Design plans, check. Supply list, check. Now it’s time to decide how to make it happen. Will you be doing it yourself or hiring an interior designer? Who is purchasing the supplies? Buying supplies and carrying them out are the real work involved in this project. When it comes to purchasing quality, affordable supplies or designing and installing products in your new room, Bay Home & Window can help.

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