Reasons to Choose Shutters Over Other Window Coverings

Jan 19, 2017


Are you in the market for new home window treatments? If so, then shutters are probably on your list of considerations, due to their many qualities. Read on to learn some of the reasons why you should choose shutters over other window coverings.

Attractive Appearance

When it comes to windows coverings, few options can lend your home the structured elegance that interior shutters can. The smooth lines, beautiful craftsmanship, and solid structure of shutters can add a luxurious feel to your home. Furthermore, shutters do not go out of style, so you can install them with the comfort of knowing that they will add an attractive element to your interiors for years to come. Finally, shutters can be simpler to clean and maintain than other window coverings, meaning that they are easier to keep in great condition.

Ease of Use

When it comes to window treatments, 2 important considerations are accessibility and safety. Because of their simple control systems, shutters are simple for anyone to use, including children and seniors. Also, they do not pose a choking hazard to children and pets because they do not have any hanging cords or pulleys.

Energy Efficiency

While adding any type of covering to your windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency, shutters can do a superior job compared to many other options. Because shutters are opaque, no light streams through them when they are in a closed state, which helps to prevent heat gain in the summer. Also, because the slats can be shut tightly, this can help stop heat loss through your windows in the winter. Another characteristic of shutters that makes them more efficient than other window coverings is their solid structure, which helps prevent heat from getting in and out of your home.

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