Plantation Shutters: The Versatile Choice

Apr 26, 2016


Are you thinking about getting rid of your outdated curtains and updating your windows with plantation shutters ? Plantation shutters are a versatile choice that allow you to control the amount of natural light in your home to increase your comfort and decrease your energy bills. Plus, they give a unique look to your home that is great if you think your décor needs a facelift. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of choosing plantation shutters.

Natural Look, Less Heat

You probably know that blocking sunlight from your home can reduce your home’s temperature in the summer, thus reducing your monthly energy expenditures. However, heavy curtains and blinds often block too much light, creating a closed-in feel that is uncomfortable. With interior shutters, you can let in just enough natural light to enjoy the day, while keeping out unwanted heat. If you don’t use air conditioning on certain days but still want to keep the house cool, you can use shutters with open windows to allow a natural breeze to filtrate through the house without excess sunshine coming in.

Easy Maintenance

You may know from past experience that curtains are bulky and difficult to clean. They trap dirt and dust, thus requiring heavy washing and drying, a process that can up your energy bills in itself. In contrast, plantation shutters are easy to clean as part of your regular cleaning routine. All you need is a dust brush and a bit of polish or soap and water, depending on what your shutters are composed of. Just wipe the shutters clean of any trapped dust particles, and they’ll be fresh and ready to continue doing their job.

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