Plantation Shutter Maintenance Basics

Dec 02, 2016

Shutters in Pleasanton, CA

After your plantation shutters have been installed, it is very important to maintain them. Plantation shutters can keep your energy costs low and beautify your home, but only if they are regularly cleaned and free of dust. Continue reading for some of the basics in plantation shutter maintenance.

  • Dust your shutters every week with a clean dusting cloth. This will keep allergens out of your home, and it will keep your shutters from degrading faster over the years.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down your shutters about once a month or when stains occur. If your interior shutters are installed in the kitchen or bathroom, they are likelier to encounter water splashes and stains; wipe them down to reduce any grime buildup.
  • Open and close your shutters properly. Lightly pull on one of the slats to move the entire shutter up and down. If there is a cord or rod, then be gentle while pulling.

Whether you are looking for new plantation shutters near the Bay Area , or you already have them, call Bay Home & Window for maintenance questions at 888-303-0289. We are happy to help you have beautiful shutters inside and outside your home.