Love Where You Live and Where You Work! How to Convert Your Home Office into a Sophisticated Workspace

Jul 06, 2018

Sophisticated Home Office

Whether you have the luxury of working from home or just like having a dedicated office area to handle your personal business, workspaces are a hot commodity in homes. One of the biggest reasons why you wouldn’t have a home office is because you simply don’t have enough space to utilize one. We know that homes are expensive so buying a home with extra rooms can really add to your mortgage and make it difficult to afford.

The good news is that you can convert any room in your home into a home office and you can even use certain rooms for more than one purpose. Even a bedroom can become an office during the day thanks to certain clever and convenient solutions like wall-beds. There are plenty of questions to ask yourself before getting your ideal home office set up and ready to go.

You’ll want a home office that’s ergonomically correct so you can be comfortable and supported. If you don’t have the right chair or desk you’ll be more likely to suffer from back pain and other problems. Decide if you’ll have natural sunlight in your home office or you’ll need to invest in some artificial lighting.

If you are lacking in square footage, you’ll need to get creative with organization and storage. You can utilize both vertical and horizontal storage. Another thing some people like doing is utilizing wall space by hanging magazine racks to keep track of papers. Add an indoor plant to clean the air and boost your spirits.

Bay Home & Window can help you turn one room into two or three by combining guest rooms with offices. Our expert designers will work with you and provide a free in-home consultation. We utilize 3D design software that lets you see what your space will look like ahead of time. Give us a call today for more information at (925) 264-6746.