Increasing Space in Your Home with Built-In Storage Solutions

Nov 08, 2016

Custom Closets by Bay Home and Window

When you start feeling crowded in your own home, then you may wish to consider built-in storage solutions. By organizing your closets, entertainment centers, and garage , you will have access to more items around the house, and you will have more room to move around. Here are some built-in solutions for your home:

Combine Entertainment Technology

Does your home have multiple televisions, complete with stereos, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles? If you have these areas of entertainment around your house, then you may also have several cords and remote controls taking up even more space. With a custom entertainment center built into your home, you will free up several feet of space. You can also take advantage of entertainment centers that blend in with your current décor; you will never have to be embarrassed by a cluttered entertainment center when guests arrive.

Clear Cluttered Garages

Over time, garages tend to become a storage area, rather than a place to protect vehicles. All of your family’s extra furniture, boxes, and hobby supplies will usually end up in haphazard piles strewn about your garage. Instead of letting these areas collect dust and bugs, install built-in garage solutions to better store and protect your rarely-used items. Once your cluttered garage is organized and cleared of unneeded items, you can use it for vehicle storage and so much more.

Increase Closet Space

If your closets have become a resting place for careless piles of shoes, clothes, and accessories, then you need custom closet organization systems. These systems will help to organize all parts of your closet, including shoes, delicate clothing accessories, and even jewelry. No matter what is in your closet, you can organize it and create more closet space with the help of closet organization.

Bay Home & Window is the place to call when you need to increase space and organization in your home. With our Bay Area built-in furniture, you will have more space inside and outside your home. Please call us at 888-303-0289 to learn more about our custom organization systems and how we can help you.