How to Select Plantation Shutters

Jun 22, 2017

If you’re a homeowner, then odds are pretty good that you’ve thought about the status of your house’s interior decoration at least once or twice. There’s one aspect of your house’s interior, however, that you may have overlooked. One that, despite not being obvious, makes a big difference both in the way your home looks, and can even affect your energy bills.

We’re talking, of course, about your window shutters. While you may overlook them in favor of wall colors, artwork and wall hangings, furniture, and other more obvious features, your window treatments are an important part of your decor.

Why Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for your home window treatments. They’re much sturdier than venetian blinds while retaining the ability to change the amount of light filtering through by adjusting the louvers. Because they completely cover your windows, they offer excellent energy efficiency and prevention of higher temperatures from solar gain.

Unlike drapes or multicellular fabric blinds, you can control the amount of light that comes through more easily and more efficiently than having to raise and lower the window shades throughout the day. For these reasons, plantation shutters are excellent home window shutters.

How to Choose

Choosing the right plantation shutters for your home can seem daunting. They come in a range of materials and styles, each with their own unique benefits. The first step is to consider what you need and what fits in with your budget, and then go from there.

Plantation shutters are available in either wood construction or synthetic materials. Wood is generally more attractive than synthetic, although modern synthetics do a great job of replicating the real thing. Synthetics are usually cheaper, so, if you’re on a budget, that could be the way to go.

The next thing to consider is how you want them mounted on your windows. Plantation shutters can be mounted inside or outside the window molding and can either open out or remain in place. For tall windows, there’s also the option of either having plantation shutters on the bottom half or top half of the window, only, or installing them in such a way that the top and bottom louvers can be opened independently of each other, allowing you to open the top and let light in while keeping the bottom closed to preserve your privacy.

How to Mount?

The next thing is whether you want them mounted on the inside or outside. If you have a decorative window trim, an inside mount will give you flush fitting shutters and preserve the look of your trim. If not, outside mounted plantation shutters can bring their own decoration with them, giving your windows a finished look.

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