How to Organize Your Walk-In Custom Closet

Oct 03, 2018

A walk-in closet is an invaluable resource, allowing space for organization that can make your wardrobe easily accessible. Installing a custom closet system can make this space even more functional. The right layout makes it easy to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.  

  • Arrange things in levels. Having what you need most at eye level can be achieved through hanging solutions and well-placed shelving.  
  • Use drawers and cabinets to organize. Drawers are good for foldable clothing, and cabinets can house things you don’t need every day.  
  • Think about how you can use every inch of space. Using all your vertical space opens your options, and you can even find ways to use tight corners creatively.   
  • Creative solutions can maximize your storage. Tilt-out baskets and other custom touches make it easy to properly utilize every inch of space.   
  • Having a place for everything means creating spaces to fit what you have. Shoe storage, and jewelry and accessory organization pieces are just two examples of how customizing your closet can help you stay organized.  

At Bay Home and Window, we offer custom designed walk-in closet systems designed for any closet. Our expert designers will work with you, taking stock of your space and your lifestyle in order to create the perfect configuration to meet your needs. For the finest closets in the San Francisco Bay Area, created to meet your needs, call (888) 771-5056 for a free in-home design consultation.