Get Your Garage Under Control with Built-In Storage Solutions

May 24, 2017

Get Your Garage Under Control in Pleasanton, CA

If the clutter in your garage fills you with feelings of dread, it might be time to tackle your unwanted mess with built in furniture. A company that offers home organization systems can create built-in storage solutions that will help you clean, declutter, and organize every area in your garage. Once you have constructed and organized your new storage areas, you will find that your garage becomes one of the most useful spaces on your property. Here is a look at some built-in storage solutions for your garage.

Storage Racks for Equipment and Gear

Whether you and your loved ones love to spend time outdoors over the weekend, or you are an avid sports enthusiast, it is important to keep your recreational equipment and gear properly organized. Your closet designers can help you create custom racks, shelves, and hooks that will allow you to keep all of your toys properly organized.

Shelves and Drawers for Tools

Your garage is a natural storage space for tools, hardware, and other equipment that you use to make general repairs around the house. With a custom storage solution for your tools and equipment, you will find that is much easier to locate your tools when you need them.

Pantries and Storage Spaces for Extra Food

If you prefer to purchase certain food items in bulk, you might want to consider a built-in pantry in your garage. A team of storage design professionals can help you create a custom pantry that is specifically designed to store all of your favorite bulk food items that you get from the store.

For additional information about home organization systems in the Bay Area, contact Bay Home and Window. Our company specializes in garage solutions , and we can help you create new organization spaces that are specifically tailored to your lifestyle and storage needs. To receive additional information about how we can help you clean up your garage, give us a call at 888-303-0289.