Utilizing Built-Ins for Functional Storage Solutions

Storage can be an issue in any home, large or small. When your space is seeming as though it’s getting smaller, the solution that not only incorporates function, but style is built-in storage. Bay Home & Window has many cleverly-designed products which can provide storage space in the most stylish, unexpected ways and in every room.

Why Choose Built-Ins?

Homeowners choose built-in storage solutions for many reasons. For one, going this route can cost far less than renovating a room or an entire home. It can also take far less time to build and install a built-in solution than it would to renovate. Below are the top three benefits to choosing built-in storage for your home.

Benefit #1: It Allows You to Take Advantage of Wasted Space

Built-in storage solutions allow you to make full use of your existing space, but they can also create space where there formerly was none. If your home already had areas where storage could be expanded, such as a window seat or bathroom storage cabinet, these can be customized to create additional space.

Benefit #2: Many Styles to Choose From

There are so many different kinds of built-in storage solutions that offer great benefits in terms of choice. With so many options, you can have a different type of solution for every room.

Installing a storage system can allow you to quickly and easily put items like toys or shoes away, as well as offer easy access to built-in storage units when your items are needed again.

Benefit #3: Transform Any Room, Instantly

Built-in storage solutions can transform any room into a mecca of organization.

  • In the Bedroom

It may be that your bedroom is currently where you sleep and store your clothes, but when you consult with an expert, you can trade in a tired bedroom for a dressing room, complete with rows of neatly-organized storage. Your old closet with its limited space can now be a walk-in home for every single item of clothing and bedding for which you need room.

  • In the Garage

Built-in storage can also do wonders in your garage. Many homeowners suffer from a lack of space in their garages, which not only causes clutter but may even prevent vehicles from being parked inside. Garage clutter is easily taken care of with built-in storage, however. Custom racks and shelving can hold all of your sports gear, including bicycles, kayaks, paddles, and life jackets using valuable wall space that frees up room on the floor.

  • In the Living Room

If you’ve been dreaming of having storage space that fits the size of the room and your TV, custom built ins for living rooms can provide all of that and more. Storage can be created to accommodate all your needs.

An entertainment center that’s been built into your wall can be an incredible space-saver, and you can also have space for storing other items, like important files or favorite toys.

Traditional entertainment centers can eat up a lot of square footage, but one that uses the space of alcoves or corners can open up the room. What will do you with all of that extra space? You can create more sitting room, add a spot for reading or games or anything else that may come to mind. The only limit is your imagination.

  • A Home Office

The “dead space” in your home can also be transformed. One example could be the end of a narrow hallway, which can be an ideal spot for an office. Simply place a thick shelf across the width of the hallway with built-in storage along one wall, and you have the benefit of privacy, storage, and natural light if there’s a window there, too.

Another way to get your ideal home office without taking up extra space is to hide it in a built-in cabinet. This can allow you to have the office space you want when there’s no room for a traditional desk. Shelving can work in a different way by offering a place to set your laptop. Cubby spaces or shelves above can store all of your important files, and under that laptop shelf in your ingenious built in storage closet, you can easily store a stool or ergonomic kneeling chair.

If you have bay windows, there’s a lot that can be done under the sill. Why not create that window seat you’ve always wanted, along with under-seat storage for cozy throws and your favorite books?

The Best Accessories for Built-In Shelving

There are other items you can also choose to complement your built-in shelving. For the end-of-hallway office that has a window, plantation shutters can add elegance while allowing you to have full control of the light that enters.

Getting the Built-In Look on a Budget

Even bookshelves can be made to look as though they were built right in. Not only that, but they can be found anywhere, from garage sales to thrift and donation home improvement stores.

You can find plans online which can show you how to make them look like they’ve always been there. However, there are caveats with this option; pre-owned bookcases may have a lot of hidden wear that you may not notice until you’ve already purchased the piece.

As well, if they’ve been stored in a basement or other damp area for a number of years, those old bookshelves may be full of mold, which is the last thing you’ll want to bring into your home. If you’ve looked at what’s out there for used bookshelves and you aren’t impressed, there is another way to get the built in storage shelves you’re looking for, which is to purchase your built-in shelving at wholesale prices .

Contacting the Right Company for Built-In Storage Solutions

Building built-in storage is not for everyone, but you can still make your storage dreams a reality; all that’s needed is to contact the right company. Where it comes to making your storage look like it came with your home, there is nothing better than the experience of a professional.

Someone who knows how to translate your storage ideas into reality will ensure that your built-in storage solution is not only able to handle what you’ll be putting into it, but also that all aspects are measured properly so that drawers, doors, and other functional features can operate as they’re meant to. Above all, they’ll be able to accomplish all of this at the same time as helping you stay within your budget.

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