Top Things to Consider When Picking Out Window Treatments for Each Room

There are certain components of a home that can dramatically influence its appearance and comfort, and window treatments are one of them. Homes with window treatments that are dirty, broken, or outdated will look shabbier overall than a home with crisp, updated, and stylish window treatments. Homes may not only look worse, but they can also feel more uncomfortable, since window treatments have some influence on how much heat or cold is getting inside. If you’re ready to invest in new window treatments that will elevate your interior design and comfort, it’s best to consider which options will work for each room so you can reap the most benefits. Consider the following:


When looking for window treatments for your bedroom, you primarily want to think about light control and privacy. Throughout the day, you may want to let natural light pour in, while in the evening you will want to close your window treatments to keep out external light, increase your privacy, and create a space of calm refuge. Roman shades are an excellent option for bedrooms, as they’re available in an array of fabric materials that will block out the majority of light and add a high level of privacy. Cellular shades are also available in room darkening materials, and they come with the added benefit of reducing the conduction of heat through a window, so your bedroom won’t get too hot. You may also want to consider automated shades, which can be set to open in the morning to help wake you up and close at night to help you wind down—all using a remote control or smart technology.

Living Room

The living room is the space that guests will most often see when they enter the home, so you’ll want to consider style and mood when looking for window treatments. Interior shutters are one of the most timeless window treatment options for this room, as they look crisp and sophisticated, and are versatile enough to work with most design styles. Shutters are also exceptionally durable, making them ideal for this high-traffic area. They also provide excellent light-blocking abilities and inhibit drastic temperature changes, so you’ll feel more comfortable in your living room year-round.


When looking for window treatments to place in the kitchen, you’ll want to consider letting in natural light, as no one wants a dark kitchen. You’ll also want to think about moisture and humidity, since depending upon where your windows are placed, they can get stained from splashes or retain odor and moistness from cooking. Faux wood blinds or shutters are an excellent addition to this space, as they provide the beautiful and warm aesthetic of wood but are much more durable and moisture resistant. They are also very versatile in terms of light control, so you can let in as little or as much light as you like.


Like with kitchens, you’ll want to highly consider moisture when looking for bathroom window treatments. Vinyl shutters are ideal for this space, as they can provide the look of wood shutters while offering optimal durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance against moisture and humidity. Roller shades are also a great option for bathrooms, as they are available in moisture-resistant fabrics and offer excellent privacy and light control.

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