The Benefits of Wall Beds

Do you wish you had room for guests to stay over? Perhaps you have a dedicated guest room that feels like wasted space most of the time. With wall beds, you can create an attractive, comfortable place for your guests to sleep without wasting any square footage. Consider the benefits of adding this custom solution to your Bay Area home.

Free Up Floor Space

When you don’t have much room to spare, it may not be feasible to have a queen bed take up most of the room. You could settle with a small twin bed – or you could conserve space and enjoy a larger mattress by installing a wall bed.

In most homes, floor space is at a premium while a majority of the wall remains unused. Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, take advantage of the vertical space by folding up during the day. This way, the bed doesn’t take up valuable floor space when you need more room for daytime activities. At the same time, it’s easy to push things aside and lower the bed at night.

Create Multi-Purpose Rooms

Put every square foot in your home to good use by making multi-purpose rooms. Your home office, game room, craft room or home gym serve your family in the usual way most of the time. With a wall bed tucked to one side, you can utilize the space to the fullest, yet it can be instantly transformed into a guest room when your in-laws visit.  

Simply push the furniture aside and pull the wall bed down into a horizontal position. Your guests will love having a room all to themselves while they visit, yet space won’t go to waste when you don’t have guests in town.

Give Your Kids More Room to Play

Houseguests aren’t the only ones who can utilize wall beds. This is also the perfect option for small kids’ rooms. A desk bed, in particular, is ideal for freeing up space for your child to do homework and play.  

This ingenuous multiuse furniture serves as a functional workspace during the day, and with a quick twist, converts into a bed for a comfortable night’s sleep. The rotating movement of the desk lowers it to the floor below the mattress, maintaining a horizontal position the entire time. This way, there’s no need to clear off the desk every night before going to bed.

Enjoy Safety and Ease of Use

Wall beds are safe to use. They are mounted to the wall to ensure stability and have no risk of folding in half while you sleep on them.

They are also easy to raise and lower. An innovative, spring-balanced design makes setting up and taking down a wall bed a one-person job. Bedding straps hold sheets and blankets in position, so even if you pull the wall bed down and put it back up every day, you don’t have to remake the bed. Murphy beds with pillow storage compartments are especially convenient to keep everything you need for a good night’s rest all in one place.

Sleep Comfortably

Space-saving wall beds are just as comfortable to sleep on as traditional beds. They feature thick, supportive mattresses that swing down in one complete motion. With no folding required, wall beds provide far better comfort than cots, sofa beds and air mattresses that guests are often subjected to.

Customize the Appearance and Features

If you’re not familiar with modern wall beds, you may picture the unsightly exposed springs of an old mattress propped up against the wall. The actual appearance of today’s Murphy beds couldn’t be more different!  

Many stunning designs are available to complement your home’s décor. This way, your wall bed resembles an attractive cabinet from day to day with customizable features to meet your needs. Here are some of the options you can expect when designing a custom wall bed:

  • Single, double or queen-size mattresses
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Various wood finishes
  • Cabinets, bi-fold doors and shelving designs that hide the wall bed and provide functional storage
  • Multiuse designs, such as desk beds and fold-down table wall beds, that provide  extra functionality when not being used to sleep on
  • Optional built-in lighting for reading purposes

Increase the Value of Your Home

Built-in Murphy beds can be factored into the value of your house, townhome or condo. Buyers are bound to appreciate the benefits of wall beds, allowing you to raise the asking price. Of course, if you want to take the bed with you, it’s possible to disassemble it, transport it to your new home and reassemble it there. Either way, your investment continues benefiting you even if you decide to move.

Customize Your Wall Bed Today!

Bay Home & Window offers high-quality wall beds at wholesale prices to homeowners in the Bay Area. Whether you’re looking for sophisticated custom cabinetry with a wall bed hidden behind it or a small desk bed for your child’s room, we can help you customize your selection to meet your needs. If you’re looking to convert your existing home office into a multi-use office/guest room, we also offer built-in desks, cabinets, file systems, computer areas and more to help complete the transformation.

To schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts, please contact Bay Home & Window today at 888-766-5919.

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