Organizing Your Entertainment Center Area

Everyone with an entertainment center—whether it’s a television and DVD player, or an entire system complete with game consoles and speakers—has had to figure out some way to organize all those annoying cords.

There are a few ways that you can create an efficient home organization system for your entertainment area. First, determine the type of cords you have. Many systems can be combined to offer various functions, such as a game console also playing DVDs. Once you’ve identified and tossed some of your extra cords, label the ones you have left. You might also invest in an inexpensive label maker to identify which cords are going to which system. This will help when a cord comes loose, so you’ll know exactly which port it fell out of. Finally, as a great home organization system, coil the extra cords and zip-tie or bind them together. This will save a lot of space behind your entertainment center.

Need help creating a beautiful home organization system in Northern California? Call Bay Home & Window at 888-303-0289 to help you organize your entertainment center .

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