New Year, New Home: Dress Up Your Home with These Trendy Window Treatments

As you are taking down your holiday and Christmas decorations, you might start to feel a sense of the post-holiday blues. You really enjoyed all those sparkling lights, the tree, ornaments, and other decorations that made your home feel warm, cozy, and inviting. Rather than go back to the same old, boring look after New Year’s, why not consider giving your home a new look with different trendy custom window treatments ?

Why Plantation Shutters Are All the Rage

One of the top trends that has remained consistent in regards to dressing up your windows are plantation shutters. Unlike other trends that come and go, this style of shutters is highly sought-after by homeowners, as well as prospective home buyers. They are more durable than other types of treatments, and they last.

What Colors Are Trendy for Window Treatments?

Even though colors can change as trends change, one thing that is not going to change is the impact color is having on the real estate market. Did you know that houses that have walls painted in the latest trendy colors, along with complementary plantation shutters, are selling at higher prices compared to homes with plain white walls and white coverings on their windows?

Aren’t Plantation Shutters Just for Rectangular/Square Windows?

When you think about shutters, what normally comes to mind are rectangular or square-shaped shutters used on the same style of windows. What you probably do not know is that this is not the only shape available with this style of shutters, thanks to your ability to customize the shutters specifically for the windows in your home, including:

  • Rectangular Windows
  • Square Windows
  • Archtop Windows
  • Angled Top Windows
  • Semi-Circular Windows
  • Open Pass-Through Interior Windows
  • Windows of Any Shape and Any Size!

Won’t Custom Shutters Cost More?

Anytime someone drops the word “custom” alongside some form of home improvement, it is natural to think it is going to cost more than if you just used an “off-the-shelf” solution. While this can be true some of the time, it doesn’t have to apply to getting custom shutters for your windows.

Fortunately for you, here at Bay Home & Window, we offer direct wholesale pricing to the general public. Many of our customers are surprised to discover they can get custom designed window treatments for their homes that are comparable to purchasing an “off-the-shelf” solution.

In addition, we offer FREE in-home consultations to discuss your needs and objectives. Our designers help guide you by showing you samples of different shutters and helping you create and design each custom shutter for every window in your home. You are free to choose from:

  • Stained Natural Woods
  • Composite Materials
  • Vinyl
  • Lacquered Natural Woods
  • Poly-Core
  • Exotic Woods

No matter what you decide, all of our shutters are made from commercial-grade materials to provide you with maximum protection and years of enjoyment, thanks to their robustness and durability. Best of all, we are happy to install your new custom shutters for FREE since we do not charge for installation.

Don’t Forget to Dress Up Your Doors

You can also incorporate custom plantation shutters into the design of the doors to give them a new look, such as:

  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors

All of the shutters for your doors can be customized using the same choice of materials available with our window shutters.

For colored doors or glass doors that have colored trim, whites are often a popular choice and never go out of style. If you are using colored shutters on your windows, this little bit of white helps make the room “pop” more than also using the same color of shutters on your doors.

Other Places Where People Are Using Plantation Shutters in Their Homes

Aside from your doors, there are certain interior areas of the home where you may want to incorporate plantation shutters into the room’s design and décor. One of the newer trends in interior design is the use of sliding panels to easily alter the size of rooms or provide privacy.

To make the sliding panel less boring, people are having shutters installed onto the panels, much like they would a door. Plus, if the panels are made of glass or have glass panels, the shutters help increase the amount of privacy.

Another way people are using shutters is in place of the sliding panels over interior doorways. For instance, if you wanted to close off the entrance between the dining room and living room, you could use foldable shutters. Plus, you can adjust the shutters to allow light in, unlike solid sliding doors that block out all light.

You may even be surprised to learn people are using this style of shutters as a door on their built-in shelving and entertainment centers. The shutters are more attractive and add appeal because you can have them open or closed, as well as adjust the blinds so you can still show off your collectibles or hide the TV from view.

Another trend with custom shutters is using them as wall art over a mural, wall painting, or other types of wall decoration, like vinyl stickers. For instance, you could create a “window box” looking out at the beach and ocean. Once you have the backdrop on the wall, you have the custom shutters installed over it, add some lighting around, and you have just created a new piece of art!

Shutters even work great to hide away whatever is stored on open shelving, like the shelves in your garage or basement. Who wants to look at laundry detergent, boxes of holiday decorations, tools, seasonal items, and so on, when you can have great-looking shutters to look at instead?

As you can see, there are many different popular and trendy uses for custom window and door plantation shutters. You could even use them to create barriers between rooms for your pets to control where they have access within the home when you are away. Not to mention, shutters are not just for the windows, doors, and entryways in your home!

Remember, at Bay Home & Window, we offer direct wholesale pricing that can save you as much as 20 to 30 percent, access to a wide array of top-quality materials, custom sizing, and free professional design and installation services!

Besides custom window treatments, we can also help design custom closets, including walk-in closets and reach-in closets, as well as other custom built-ins, such as:

  • Built-in shelving
  • Built-in entertainment centers
  • Built-in wall beds
  • Built-in storage spaces
  • Built-in garage solutions

If you are ready to give your home a new look for the New Year or are interested in learning more about customizable shutters and built-in solutions , please feel free to contact Bay Home & Windows at 888.766.5919 today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.

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