Convert Your Wall Into a Beautiful Built-In Entertainment Center

Here at Bay Home & Window, we have helped thousands of home owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California enhance their homes with our customizable, built-in wall entertainment center systems . We work with you to develop a design and solution that best suits your needs, from family entertainment designs to gaming system designs and man caves!

Our designers can convert any existing entertainment or media center, as well as develop a custom solution for a built-in on any wall, in corners, alcoves, above fireplaces, and just about anywhere in the home where you desire a built-in solution.

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Why Give Your Entertainment Center a Makeover?

  1. Adding a built-in entertainment and media center to your home not only adds charm and appeal to the room but can also increase the value of your home. Unlike stand-alone centers, where you have one or more separate pieces of furniture to place stereos, game systems, converter boxes, and other such devices, and end up with the large clutter of unsightly wires, a built-in solution allows you to hide wires out of sight.
  2. You do not have to worry about wires getting tangled, tripped on, or broken. All wires can be neatly secured to the back side of the built-in center, and only have minimal, if any noticeable exposure.
  3. You eliminate all those different pieces of furniture you are currently using to create space in the room. Built-ins help to save space in the room and open it up to make it feel more inviting.
  4. Besides creating a built-in for your electronics, we offer a variety of custom designed solutions to help incorporate your personal tastes and hobbies. Some of our clients have included additional shelving, sliding and retractable doors, lighting, and other enhancements to put their own personalized touches on their new built-in system.

For instance, if you like reading books, you need somewhere to store your books while still keeping them organized and presentable. The problem with individual book shelves is they are separate pieces and are prone to falling over if not secured to the wall.

Since you have to secure them to wall joists, it can result in uneven spacing in between sections. By incorporating additional shelving to the sides of the entertainment center, you can eliminate excess pieces of furniture, save space, and not have to worry about the shelving falling over.

Keep in mind, this is just one such example of potential solutions we can incorporate into your custom designed wall unit entertainment center .

How Entertainment Centers Have Changed

If you recently upgraded to a new flat panel TV and replaced an older and bulkier TV, one thing you will notice right away is the new TV may not fit correctly into your existing entertainment center since it was designed for an older TV.

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Another thing you will notice, if you go shopping for a new stand-alone media center furniture, is most only offer a place to set the TV on top of the furniture, with shelving or cabinets below. Another thing you will notice is that many modern centers do not have all the shelving and added space for storing CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, like older centers did, or may require purchasing numerous pieces.

These limitations in designs and storage are what makes a built-in solution a much better choice. You do not have to worry about having one piece of furniture for the TV, another one for your surround sound system with separate speaker stands, a place for a sound bar, and even more pieces for storing CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays.

How to Mount a Flat Screen TV in an Entertainment Center

The most important focal point of any entertainment system is the television. Over the past decade, flat panel TVs have become the standard set people use in their homes. They are much thinner and lighter than older TVs or those heavy and bulky rear projection TVs.

Flat panels come in all different sizes, from smaller screens to huge 90+ inch displays with 4K Ultra HD resolution and even 3D support. Part of designing a custom built-in entertainment wall unit is deciding where you want to place the TV. If it is currently sitting on top of a stand, it does not have to remain in this location.

The great part of a built-in is you have the flexibility to decide exactly where you want the TV. One popular choice you can consider is to have it mounted to the wall in a specific location, using a wall mounting kit.

Another option some of our past customers have preferred is to mount it to the back piece of the entertainment unit, allowing for space behind this piece and in between the wall where they can run wiring and keep the wiring out of sight.

Some people who like upgrading to the latest TVs as new technologies advance forgo mounting the TV to the wall or back of the entertainment center but, instead, have a special shelving section incorporated into their design where they can set the TV. This way, whenever a newer model comes out, it is easier for them to swap out TVs.

If you have a fireplace in your home, another option you may want to consider is to have a built-in section designed for the TV above the fireplace, and side sections created to the left and right of the fireplace for your other electronics, collectibles, and display pieces.

TIP: If you intend to upgrade to a larger TV in the future, we do highly recommend having your new built-in wall unit designed to take this into account. This way, when you do get a larger TV, it will already fit into the center and you do not have to worry about making alterations.

Entertainment Center Makeover Design Ideas

When you think about the placement of your current entertainment/media center, ask yourself what features you like and those you dislike. Start by making a list and then adding a section of features you currently do not have but want.

Entertainment Center Makeovers in Pleasanton, CA

For example, do you want soft, closing pull-out drawers or cabinets with pull-out shelves? Would you like to have glass doors over certain areas or retractable shutters or sliding doors to hide away the TV and other devices when they are not in use?

Next, think about whether there is a particular theme you are trying to incorporate into the design, like a sports theme for a built-in being added to your man cave or a gaming theme for a built-in solution in your teenager’s room. Themes can influence the color of materials you want to use, the amount of space you require, and the overall placement of electronics and other items into the system once it is completed.

If you already have a design idea in mind, go ahead and sketch this out on a piece of paper. Our design team can work with rough drawings and your list of features you want, to create a 3D rendering of the finished system before the project even begins.

Our customers truly like this service because it allows them to visually see how their finished built-in TV entertainment center is going to look. Furthermore, if they want to make changes to the design, choose different materials, or compare different placements like a corner or alcove, these can easily be done using our special design software.

Our goal is to work with you until you have a design you truly appreciate and like because we want you to be happy with your new built-in now and for years to come! We can help find a solution that improves organization, keeps functionality in mind, and transforms the space into an elegantly finished product.

For more makeover design ideas, contact Bay Home & Window by calling 888-731-9451 today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our expert designers . We offer a wide selection of materials, custom sizing, and direct wholesale pricing, which can save you up to 20 to 30% off your new built-in solution!

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