• Which Shutters are Right for Your Windows?

    Window coverings have a big impact on the comfort, aesthetics, and lighting of a room. From blinds and shades to curtain and drapes, you have plenty of options available. If you’ve decided on plantation shutters for your windows, you still have a few choices to make. Use this guide to help you decide what type of shutters are right for you.  Window […]

  • Finding Right Shutters for Homes

    Finding the Right Shutters for Your Home

    Are you looking for window coverings that are elegant, unique, and effective? You may want to consider shutters. Shutters offer a look that’s sophisticated, yet versatile enough to fit with any décor. How do you know which kind of shutters is right for you?  One reason plantation shutters are so popular is that they let […]

  • Largest selection of Plantation Shutters in California 

    How Plantation Shutters Compare to Others

    Window treatments make a big difference in the look of a room, and if you’re looking for an update, it’s time to consider plantation shutters. Less expensive than custom draperies, plantation shutters give you control over privacy, light, and energy use in a room, while also adding aesthetic appeal. What’s more, plantation shutters are an investment in your home […]