• Refresh your home in 2019

    Freshen up your home for 2019!

    It’s almost 2019! When setting your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about your home, especially the areas that tend to get out of control, like the laundry room, mudroom, and garage. Giving these areas in your home a little love will prepare you for a fresh start in the new year. Here are some tips for getting started.   Downsize. Resolve to make 2019 the […]

  • How to Create a Productive Workspace in Your Home

    A growing number of employees work remotely rather than commuting to the office. Then, many entrepreneurs who start their own businesses do so from their home office. Even if you don’t work from home, you may still need a place where you can focus on paying bills, filing your taxes and completing other personal tasks.   No matter your precise situation, you could benefit from having a productive […]

  • Walk-in Closets by Bay Home and Window

    How to Organize Your Walk-in Closet

    A walk-in closet can be a boon or a bane, depending on how it’s used. Is yours a glorified dumping ground, cluttered and crowded? If so, you may have trouble finding what you need. Here, we offer some organizational tips to help you make your walk-in closet a dream of orderly efficiency.   Create a place […]

  • Create an Entertainment Center Perfect for Hosting!

    Throughout the modern home, you’ll find attractive and functional built-in features. Our kitchens have built-in cabinetry, our books and mementos are displayed on built-in bookshelves, and even our closets are organized using custom built-ins. If your entertainment center is still a big, heavy, piece of furniture, or smaller pieces jumbled together, you’re missing the boat. An entertainment […]

  • Reach-in Closet: Organization and Design Tips

    Making the Most of Your Reach-in Closet: Organization and Design Tips

    A walk-in closet is easy to organize, but what if you simply don’t have that kind of space? Some homes and apartments were just not built for walk-in closets, and if that describes your home, you’ll have to find a way for you and your reach-in closet to peacefully coexist. Fortunately, we have some suggestions.   Use the […]

  • Finding Right Shutters for Homes

    Finding the Right Shutters for Your Home

    Are you looking for window coverings that are elegant, unique, and effective? You may want to consider shutters. Shutters offer a look that’s sophisticated, yet versatile enough to fit with any décor. How do you know which kind of shutters is right for you?  One reason plantation shutters are so popular is that they let […]

  • Give Your Home a Mini Fall Makeover 

    Give Your Home a Mini Fall Makeover with These Easy and Festive Ideas

    If you’re ready for the leaves to turn yellow and for smells of clove, cinnamon, and pumpkin bread to fill the air, help your home reflect your excitement for the changing seasons. These autumn-inspired decorating ideas are just what you need to make over your home this fall.  Swap out throw pillows: Adding a little fall color to your living room is as easy as trading out your regular throw […]

  • Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

    Autumn Cleaning: Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

    Who says you have to wait until spring to get your home in tip-top shape? Here’s your complete guide to fall cleaning and organizing, so your home will be nice and tidy just in time for the holidays.  Organize the Pantry, Fridge, and Cupboards  Fall is the time for baking. Is your kitchen up to the task? If […]

  • Organize Your Walk-In Custom Closet

    How to Organize Your Walk-In Custom Closet

    A walk-in closet is an invaluable resource, allowing space for organization that can make your wardrobe easily accessible. Installing a custom closet system can make this space even more functional. The right layout makes it easy to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.   Arrange things in levels. Having what you need most at eye level can […]

  • Benefits of Adding a Built-in Mudroom to your Home

    The Benefits of Adding a Built-in Mudroom to your Home

    How are things inside your front door? Life can get messy, and it’s easy for entryways to bear the brunt of a family’s foot traffic. What’s the solution to a disastrous doorway? Add a mudroom that’s customized for your family, and the envy of everyone who visits.   Think of all your mudroom needs to handle. Will sporting […]