• Give Your Entertainment Center a Makeover

    In times past, entertainment centers were pretty much designed to hide the most important equipment in your home: the television set. But today’s custom entertainment centers aren’t meant to hide big, bulky screens, they’re meant to provide order and upgrade your home by freeing your flat screen and enhancing your living area all at once. […]

  • Organizing Kid’s Closet

    Smart Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

    More often than not, kids have a bundle of clothes, shoes, accessories, and sports equipment to organize. These toys and attire can rapidly fill their closets with clutter and make you question your organization skills—and sanity. However, not just any closet will do when it comes to storing children’s belongings. Custom closets help you to […]

  • Bay Home and Window installs permanent built-in storage units

    Add Value to Your Home with Built-In Storage Units

    Think back to when you were shopping for a home and the one thing most home buyers want: plenty of storage. Unfortunately, not all homes offer the same amount of storage. You may have passed over some homes you really liked just because they lacked the storage you required. However, had the owners thought about […]