• Ideas for Entertainment Centers

    Entertainment Center Ideas: Do More Than Just Display Your TV

    The focal point of most living rooms is the television. Choosing the right solution for your home can be difficult. How you display your TV largely depends on what type of entertainment center you use along with the TV. Today, thanks to flat-panel televisions, you have a wider array of home theater designs possible. What […]

  • Remodeling Mud Room

    Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

    The mudroom: It’s one of the most useful rooms in the house, but it is often neglected or may not even exist at all. Updating or creating one has many benefits, including keeping mud out of your living space and extra storage. Well-designed rooms usually have shelving or a built-in storage closet to maximize the […]

  • Reclaiming Garage Space

    Reclaim Your Space: Make Your Garage a Storage Paradise

    The garage is one of the most chronically overlooked parts of the average home. Even people who diligently organize every room in their house often treat their garage as an afterthought— somewhere to stick all the stuff they don’t have room for elsewhere, often in the most careless and disorganized fashion possible. The way we […]