• Built-In Wall Entertainment Center

    Convert Your Wall Into a Beautiful Built-In Entertainment Center

    Here at Bay Home & Window, we have helped thousands of home owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California enhance their homes with our customizable, built-in wall entertainment center systems . We work with you to develop a design and solution that best suits your needs, from family entertainment designs to gaming […]

  • Versatile fold-up beds by Bay Home and Window in California

    How to Easily Turn One Room into Two with a Fold-Up Bed

    Founded in 1994, Bay Home & Window is a family-owned company offering direct wholesale to the public. Now one of the country’s leading suppliers of custom window products and built-in organization systems, Bay Home & Window has installed over 100,000 of its quality products in the last two decades. When living in a small apartment […]

  • Custom-Fit Shutters for your Home in California

    The Benefits of Plantation Shutters over Standard Blinds

    The process of choosing the right window coverings for your home will involve the consideration of different styles. Two of the most popular styles of window treatments are plantation shutters and standard blinds. What Are the Differences Between Shutters and Standard Blinds? Plantation shutters and blinds have many important differences that should be considered. Plantation […]

  • Reach-In Closet

    The Benefits of Reach-In Closets

    When it comes to closets and built-in storage solutions, there are two basic types to consider: walk-in closets and reach-in closets. Sure, walk-in closets may sound ideal since they’re essentially multi-purpose separate rooms, but they’re not for everyone. Especially if you have a small home or a limited budget, reach-in closets should be your go-to […]