• How to Select Plantation Shutters

    If you’re a homeowner, then odds are pretty good that you’ve thought about the status of your house’s interior decoration at least once or twice. There’s one aspect of your house’s interior, however, that you may have overlooked. One that, despite not being obvious, makes a big difference both in the way your home looks, […]

  • Add Plantation Shutters to your Home

    Are Plantation Shutters the Right Choice for Your Home?

    Plantation shutters are not only attractive; they are versatile additions which can increase the value of your home, and for less than the cost to purchase and install custom window coverings. With so many options for type, color, and style, plantation shutters are certainly a popular choice for many homeowners. Deciding whether they’re right for […]

  • Ultimate At-Home Décor for Guys

    More Than a “Man Cave” – The Ultimate At-Home Décor for Guys

    Having a “man cave”—a space within your home that you can call your own and in which you are free to decorate, design, and decide what décor you want to use, without feminine influence—is an essential part of keeping your uniqueness and having a place where you can escape and get away. While your loved […]

  • Custom Closet Transform

    Custom Closets Transform Chaos into Calm

    Founded in 1994, Bay Home & Window has been in service to California and the rest of the country as a leader in supplying custom window products and custom built-in storage solutions. We’re family owned, and one of the largest and most awarded companies in the industry. Our number-one commitment is providing excellent customer service, […]