Give Your Entertainment Center a Makeover

In times past, entertainment centers were pretty much designed to hide the most important equipment in your home: the television set. But today’s custom entertainment centers aren’t meant to hide big, bulky screens, they’re meant to provide order and upgrade your home by freeing your flat screen and enhancing your living area all at once. After all, entertainment centers are often the centerpiece of a home, where you spend the most time watching your favorite shows and playing your favorite games.

You spend a lot of time in your home, so why not make it your own? Bay Home & Window has been helping new homeowners find creative solutions for their stuff for decades. Let a design professional create built-in storage units that put Ikea hacks to shame. Plus, you don’t have to figure out how to fit a square peg into a round hole because Bay Home & Window does all the assembly and installation for you.

Maximize Your Space by Going Custom

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, an entertainment center that is custom built to fit an awkward corner can help you keep track of wires, cords, games, stereos, remote controls that you never use, and whatever else you need to enjoy your electronics. Any screen size or wall space, even an alcove, can be reimagined to include an elegant entertainment system that can store your recording device and Blu-Ray player. All without the tangled mess of wires and controllers that is usually found in the television viewing area.

State-of-the-Art Design at Your Fingertips

It can be hard to visualize how just adding an entertainment center will enhance your space, but by using 3D technology, a designer can combine your personal aesthetic with materials of your choosing to create a functional and stylish design like the ones on Pinterest. Whether your home is cute and cozy or sleek and modern, it can benefit from an entertainment center.

Premade solutions can be bulky, difficult to install, and may not fit into the exact space you have available. And worst of all, they’re generic and don’t add character or reflect your personal storage needs or design style. With a custom entertainment center created especially for your home, you can save yourself the aggravation of assembly and installation. And many homeowners are surprised to discover that a custom solution is more affordable than you might think.

In addition to creating an entertainment center from an empty space, custom storage solutions can be found for every room in your home. Although entertainment centers are the focus for many people, similar storage solutions can be custom built in just about any space to reflect your needs. Garage storage systems can create a craft room or a man cave. A custom closet can make this space more than just a bottomless pit for clothes and shoes but an actual functional room in your home.

For more ideas about custom storage and to learn about getting your own Pinterest perfect home entertainment system installation, contact Bay Home & Window at 888-766-5919 for details!

Smart Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

More often than not, kids have a bundle of clothes, shoes, accessories, and sports equipment to organize. These toys and attire can rapidly fill their closets with clutter and make you question your organization skills—and sanity. However, not just any closet will do when it comes to storing children’s belongings. Custom closets help you to get the most beautiful built-in solution for a child’s bedroom that makes organizing their belongings a snap!

Imagine how seamlessly the mornings would be if closets were in order. If you’re wondering how to organize children’s clothes and accessories, check out these tips.

Design with time savers.

Organization can help to dress your children in the morning without too many meltdowns. Ensure that you and your child know what activities lie ahead for the week so that you aren’t rushing around trying to find soccer boots on game day. Better yet, work with your child to organize outfits for the week and hang them together in the closet for easy-reach access.

Make it easy-to-use for kids, too.

Know how high your child can reach and ensure that everything in the closet is below this height. Designing a custom closet allows you to mix fixed and adjustable pull-out shoe shelves so that you can remove the shelves to make room for taller, larger shoes later on.

blue reach in closet, CA

Divide the space.

If siblings have to share a closet, keep the peace by dividing the space equally. Even if there are some shared spots or items, there should be a separation of space to avoid arguments in the future.

Leave room for toys.

Toys help to keep children young and fun, so don’t forget about them! Whether you add in designated storage for cars, stuffed animals, and dolls or simply store boxes of toys in the depths of the closet, ensure that they are labeled and can be found easily.

Decorate for appeal.

Make your furniture fun for your kids to use! Have fun with the design by adding details and your child’s personality. From their initials to adding whiteboards, fun colors, unique knobs, and more, there are plenty of ways to dress up the closet so it’s fit for your child!

Opt for a custom reach-in closet.

Your property may not warrant a whole room designated to storage your child’s clothing. Even so, there are many benefits of reach-in closets over a walk-in closet! Custom reach-in closets maximize space without adding another room, they can be completely designed to your needs, they help bedrooms to look tidy, and they match the overall style in the room. What more could you want?

Furthermore, reach-in closets allow children to visually see their clothes, toys, and organized shelves together. When you design a reach-in closet, you can customize hanging solutions, cabinet space, shelving areas, baskets, and accessory organization. In essence, kid-friendly organization has never been easier with a reach-in closet!

If you’re contemplating getting a reach-in or walk-in closet for your kid, talk to the professionals at Bay Home & Window. Our complimentary in-home design consultation will help to determine what solution is best for your needs. What’s more, our wholesale prices are available to the public, making your closets the right fit for your child, home, and wallet! Contact us on 1-888-766-5919.

Add Value to Your Home with Built-In Storage Units

Think back to when you were shopping for a home and the one thing most home buyers want: plenty of storage. Unfortunately, not all homes offer the same amount of storage. You may have passed over some homes you really liked just because they lacked the storage you required.

However, had the owners thought about adding built-in storage units to their homes before putting them on the market, it could have made the world of difference for potential buyers. Not to mention, they could have added value to the sales prices because their home offered more storage spaces.

What Is a Built-In?

A built-in is any type of solution that increases storage spaces inside a home while simultaneously helps homeowners address problem with excess clutter. These types of solutions are permanently installed and become a part of your home. They help increase available floor space in various rooms AND help save space.

living room with dog, CA

To illustrate, you have a fireplace in the center of the wall in your living room. Next to it you have your TV and electronic devices on an entertainment stand. On the other side of the fireplace, you have a box for storing wood that sits on the floor and takes up space. Then you have a few knick-knacks on top of the fireplace mantel and another end table with more collectibles sat on top.

You could have a custom built-in storage shelves and entertainment center built along the sides and above the fireplace. Once complete, your TV could be mounted to the wall above the fireplace. Your electronics could be placed on shelves on either side of the TV and wires run behind the built-in to keep them out of sight.

All of your knick-knacks and collectibles could be placed on other shelves. You could even have a wood storage “box” built into the new built-in for storing firewood. Your new built-in solution would get the TV and entertainment stand off the floor, along with the box for storing firewood. Now you would have added floor space in your living room.

You could also get rid of the end tables to open the room up more since you no longer need them to display your collectibles. Aside from increasing floor space, you have also increased the value of your home because the built-in makes the room more charming and elegant.

Where Can You Have Built-Ins Added to Your Home?

Ask any homeowners, and they will tell you they never have too much storage. Yet, adding new storage to your existing home requires you to start thinking “outside the box.” Most people overlook valuable spaces in their homes that can be converted to a built-in storage solution. To help get your creative juices flowing, consider the following locations you could transform with our custom designed built-in storage solutions:

  • Windows – If you have large gaps in between your windows, you could add built-in storage around your windows. You could frame the window with shelves and add cabinetry at the base. Not only would you have more storage, but you would also have a nice window seat to sit in on those rainy days when you enjoy reading.
  • Doorways – Adding built-in shelves and cabinets around doorways is a very “trendy” thing to do. It allows you to take advantage of the space and add some unique architectural features to the home.
  • Under Stairways – Unless your basement and main stairways are on top of one another, you have a bunch of “dead space” underneath the main stairs to the second floor of your home. Why not convert this “dead space” into built-in storage for seasonal items, and other things you do not use that often?
  • In Hallways and Along Stairway Walls – As long as there are at least six inches of depth available into the walls, you could have shelving added to display collectibles, artwork, books, or other such items.
  • Along the Top of Walls – You can have a built-in installed about a foot below the ceiling and extended along all the walls in the room. This type of solution provides you a great display area for all those collectibles you just never seem to have plenty of room to show off.
  • Fireplaces – Aside from our example, there are several different options for built-ins you can have installed along the sides of fireplaces, even when it is a corner fireplace.
  • Entertainment Centers – A built-in entertainment center can be added to any other room of the home than the living room. In bedrooms, you could have a combination built-in wardrobe/entertainment center installed.
  • Man Caves – You can free up floor space and have more room for your favorite electronics, video game systems, sports memorabilia, and more with built-in storage shelves.
  • Dining Room – Most people have some sort of china hutch or cupboard that takes up precious floor space. Convert this storage into a built-in with closable glass doors and expand the amount of space you have to entertain.
  • Kitchen – Everyone wants more storage in their kitchens and built-in solutions enable them to get that space. Plus, they work great in “dead corners” when you add a lazy susan for easy access.
  • Bathrooms – From built-in storage for towels to a connected built-in/walk-in closet, you can maximize the unused spaces inside the walls.
  • Laundry Room – You can utilize various built-in solutions to have room to store laundry products, the iron and ironing board, and more.
  • Bedrooms – Tired of stubbing your toes on dressers when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? A built-in will mean no more stubbed toes while providing the storage you require.
  • Home Office/Guest Room – If you use one room in your home for a home office and a guest room when relatives come to visit, you know how valuable floor space can be. You have to have room for your desk, guest bed, and other types of storage. Built-ins can help open up the room and provide an easy way to reclaim floor space when you also incorporate a built-in wall bed into your built-in design.
  • Garage – There is plenty of valuable wall space in your garage that can be converted into built-in storage cabinets, shelves, and more. For example, you could have a built-in workbench/hobby craft table installed, along with cabinets and shelving for all of your tools and/or hobby and crafting materials.

As you can see, there really is no limit to the types of custom built-in solutions you can explore to add more storage and value to your home. Even if you are not currently planning on selling your home, you surely could benefit from more storage!

Custom Built in Solutions in Pleasanton, CA

What Are the Benefits of Built-Ins vs. DIY and Store Bought Solutions?

When exploring different storage solutions for your home, you will probably consider DIY and store-bought solutions. Yet, the thing you need to consider is whether the DIY or store-bought solution you are looking at will truly add value to your home.

To illustrate, you have available wall space in the entryway of your home. You could buy and assemble a free-standing wardrobe/closet solution to have somewhere to hang coats and jackets and place umbrellas, shoes, and boots. While it could meet your storage needs, it is just another piece of furniture. To maximize the entire wall space, you could require two or three separate free-standing pieces.

On the other hand, with a built-in solution, it could be designed to go from the floor to the ceiling. You could even have separate doors for each family member for their coats, jackets, backpacks, shoes, and so on. Along the upper section, you could have cabinet doors installed and use this for seasonal storage or left open to display various collectibles and other such items.

Honestly ask yourself what sounds more appealing: a store-bought solution or a built-in storage closet solution? We hope you agree and said “built-in,” of course, simply because it allows you to customize your design to suit your needs.

Additionally, it becomes a permanent fixture in the home that increases the value of your home. Plus, built-ins last longer than store-bought pieces. To see how built-in storage units and other solutions could transform your home , we invite you to contact us, here at Bay Home & Window, and request a free consultation.

We would enjoy discussing your needs and working with you to develop your own unique and one-of-a-kind built-in solutions for your home. We offer wholesale pricing that is open to the public and free in-home consultations so you can show our expert designers exactly what you want! Please feel free to call us at 888.766.5919 today to get started on transforming the rooms in your home and getting the storage spaces you require!

Entertainment Center Ideas: Do More Than Just Display Your TV

The focal point of most living rooms is the television. Choosing the right solution for your home can be difficult. How you display your TV largely depends on what type of entertainment center you use along with the TV. Today, thanks to flat-panel televisions, you have a wider array of home theater designs possible.

What type of entertainment center is best for your home? Ideally, you want a solution that will help you maximize the space and do more than just display the TV. You also have to take into account your surround sound theater system, Blu-ray player, video game systems, cable/satellite TV DVR, and streaming video devices.

Types of Entertainment Systems

You will find entertainment systems range from the very basic to complex and elegant designs. Let’s look at the differences between the various types to help you select the right entertainment center style for your home.

  • Entertainment Center Stands

This style is your very basic entertainment center solution. It typically involves a single stand for the TV. It may include one or two shelves or small storage cabinets in its design. The primary drawback to basic TV stands is you have limited space.

Far too often, instead of looking neat and presentable, the TV stand becomes cluttered and overcrowded with too many devices and equipment. Not to mention, there are all of those unsightly wires that hang all over the place and which cannot easily be hidden.

There are also “add-on” stands you can use to accompany the basic stand. These can provide additional storage space. However, you end up with multiple pieces of furniture around the single stand. Plus, you will have to buy longer cords to be able to connect everything together.

  • Entertainment Center Armoires/Chests

These designs are perfect when you have a small amount of space and want added storage for clothing, books, games, and other such items. Armoires have closeable doors, so you can shut the doors when you want to hide the TV.

Chests are better suited for wall mounted TVs or when you want the TV elevated higher off the ground. There are normally a few open shelves for other equipment, along with drawers and cabinets for storing other items out of sight.

  • Entertainment Center Wall Units

This style is essentially one big piece of furniture that takes up most of the space along one wall. It will become the main focal point in the room due to its size. Designs can include a variety of different features, such as:

  • Book Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Open Shelving
  • TV Wall-Mounted Backdrops
  • Sliding Pullout Shelves

Not only do wall units provide plenty of space for all of your home electronics but also have space for knick-knacks, books, pictures, and other such items you want to have displayed. Since wall units are so big and take up a lot of space, they may not be the best solution in smaller rooms.

  • Entertainment Center Built-In Units

Built-in entertainment centers include all the features of wall units, with the added bonus of being built into the wall. Additionally, they can be built to encompass the entire space from floor to ceiling so you can maximize every square inch of wall space.

This solution works well in cases where you have an irregular wall where part of it is recessed. The entertainment center can be built into the recessed area and made to look like a part of the wall for a seamless flow.

Built-in units also work well when you have an interior wall you can use to recess the unit partially into the wall. This built-in design is great for smaller rooms when you want a larger home theater entertainment center design. With this type of design, only part of the unit extends into the room so you can still maximize the entire living space.

Custom Designed Entertainment Center Solutions vs. “Store-Bought” Solutions

When you are shopping for entertainment center solutions for your home, the two basic options are either “store-bought” or custom designed entertainment centers.

“Store-Bought” Pros

  • Can buy and take home a solution today.

“Store-Bought” Cons

  • You have to assemble the entertainment center.
  • Your entertainment center is mass-produced and will not be unique.
  • The quality of the materials may not be the best.
  • It is easy to damage the unit while putting it together.
  • The prices for some “store-bought” units can cost as much, sometimes more, than a custom-designed solution.

Custom Designed Pros

  • You can choose from a wide array of colors, styles, and materials.
  • You can incorporate custom lighting into the design.
  • The entertainment center is “one-of-a-kind” because it was built specifically for you.
  • It offers unique designs to suit your tastes and sense of style.
  • It opens up the option to explore built-in designs.
  • High-quality materials are used to construct custom designed entertainment centers.
  • Wholesale pricing is available for homeowners, along with free consultations.
  • Professional home entertainment center installation services are included in your costs.

Custom Designed Cons

  • It can take a little time to build your custom designed entertainment center. However, when you are willing to wait, you are sure to be much more satisfied with the finished product compared to something you bought at a store and had to assemble yourself. Not to mention, your friends and family will be amazed by how stunning and elegant the room will look with your new home theater design.

Other Built-In Solutions for Your Home

There are other built-in solutions for other areas of your home. You can have multiple solutions done at the same time while your new entertainment center is being installed. Custom built-ins and storage solutions can help you:

  • Declutter Your Home
  • Reclaim Lost Space
  • Keep Your Home Better Organized

You can have a built-in or storage solution created for:

  • Kitchens – Help keep your counters free of excess clutter.
  • Bathrooms – Get the space you need for towels and personal hygiene products.
  • Garages – Keep your garage from becoming disorganized and have space for your cars, as well as a workshop, storing seasonal items, and more.
  • Pantries – Help keep your food, spices, and baking supplies easily accessible.
  • Home Offices – Have a professional looking office devoid of clutter.
  • Guest Rooms – Make space to have room when guests visit.
  • Walk-In Closets – Get the room you need for clothing, shoes, and other apparel.
  • Laundry Rooms, and More!

Some people even incorporate an entertainment center into the design of another custom built-in or storage solution.

For example, you have a room you want to use as a home office and guest room. Built-in solutions can work great so you can easily use a single room for dual purposes. You might want to have a built-in wall bed installed to keep the bed out of the way when it is not needed. You can also use a built-in desk solution that can double as an entertainment center to maximize the usefulness of the room for work and guests.

As you can see, you have much more flexibility with custom designed entertainment centers and other built-in and storage solutions compared to “store-bought” options. If you are not sure what type of solution is best for your home, we encourage you to contact us for advice. We offer:

  • Top-quality materials at wholesale, direct pricing to save you between 20 and 30%—possibly more.
  • Free in-home consultations to discuss your needs to help you custom design your home to reflect your personal style.
  • A wide selection of materials, colors, sizing, and prices for every budget.
  • Access to professional designers and installers.
  • Custom plantation shutters for your doors and windows to complement your built-in furniture.

To arrange a free consultation with one of our expert designers to discuss home theater designs or other built-in or storage solutions, please feel free to contact Bay Home & Window at 888.766.5919 today!

Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

The mudroom: It’s one of the most useful rooms in the house, but it is often neglected or may not even exist at all. Updating or creating one has many benefits, including keeping mud out of your living space and extra storage. Well-designed rooms usually have shelving or a built-in storage closet to maximize the utility of the room. Learn how an up-to-date mudroom will benefit you!

What Is a Mudroom?

A mudroom doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition; however, there are some common uses for this room. They are often used to store jackets, shoes, coats, gloves, and hats. Some families will also keep backpacks in their mudroom. Still others place keys, mail, and other items coming into or going out of the house here. Since this room is meant to be an entry area before walking into the rest of the house, what makes sense to store here is very personal.

A mudroom is essentially used as the room to take off your shoes and outwear before going into the house. The idea is to keep mud, leaves, snow, etc. out of the living space in your house.

Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

Planning a Mudroom

Mudroom design plans and ideas are available from many sources, including interior designers and HGTV. The first step you should take is deciding what your needs are. Is your home short on storage? This could be a place to store items that don’t have another place. If your laundry room connects your garage to your house or has a door to the outside, you might be able to create a mudroom/laundry room hybrid.

Besides thinking about storage, you should also consider this a staging area for the beginning and ending of everyone’s day. What makes sense to be in here? The layout should be governed by your practical needs and considerations. Consider placing storage in a way that will assist you, or, if you have children, your children, getting out the door in the morning and staying organized.

Customizing Your Room

A mudroom is just another room without the finishing touches. Built-in storage units for shoes and jackets with cubbies for hats and mittens will keep the room organized. A bench with under-seat storage is great for sitting down to remove your shoes. You can also store things like gardening tools or play equipment beneath it. Hooks for backpacks and shelves for sports equipment can make this an ideal storage room and make it a cinch for the kids to grab their things as they run out the door in the morning.

It’s key to decide on what look and feel you want. Natural wood and slate floors? White with patterned tile? Choose a look that will wow guests as they enter your home while still being perfect for the weather in your area and your personal needs. Use Houzz, Pinterest, and HGTV for samples.

Key Components

While a mudroom can be done plenty of ways, there are some things you simply have to have. First and foremost, you need a bench to sit on while removing shoes. This is especially important for areas that have winter weather or times when conditions are muddy. Boots require more effort, making the bench a must-have.

Next, are built in storage shelves , closets, hooks, cubbies and racks . Storage is a crucial aspect of this room. This space gives many items a home that generally end up missing or stored wherever they might fit (like hats and gloves).

Remodel Your Mud Room with Bay Home & Window

Last is a tile or another easy-to-clean floor covering. In a room where mud, snow, rain, and leaves are all likely to be brought in, you should think carefully about this. The flooring you choose should be easy to clean and difficult to damage. Some options are tile, slate, and stone. Consider budget, style fit with your home, and cleaning needs when purchasing this fundamental piece of your mudroom.

Making It Happen

Design plans, check. Supply list, check. Now it’s time to decide how to make it happen. Will you be doing it yourself or hiring an interior designer? Who is purchasing the supplies? Buying supplies and carrying them out are the real work involved in this project. When it comes to purchasing quality, affordable supplies or designing and installing products in your new room, Bay Home & Window can help.

Call (925) 846-3400 to schedule your in-home consultation today!




Reclaim Your Space: Make Your Garage a Storage Paradise

The garage is one of the most chronically overlooked parts of the average home. Even people who diligently organize every room in their house often treat their garage as an afterthought— somewhere to stick all the stuff they don’t have room for elsewhere, often in the most careless and disorganized fashion possible.

The way we treat our garages is a shame, especially since turning yours into the ultimate storage space is a lot easier than you think. So, don’t rent an offsite storage space just yet for all that stuff you’ve been holding on to. Instead, let us show you how to make the most out of your garage’s storage potential with just a few built-in storage shelves and a little reorganizing.

Storage shelves for garage in Pleasanton, CA

Conquer the Clutter Once and For All

If your home is like most people’s, you’ve probably got a lot of stuff lying around. Maybe it’s stuff you don’t use regularly but don’t have the heart to get rid of, or maybe it’s stuff that you desperately want to use but don’t have any room to take advantage of. For many people, all this stuff tends to make its way to the storage black hole that is the garage, where stuff collects in a haphazard manner until the entire space is overflowing.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of letting your garage be the place all your extra stuff gets banished to, now is the perfect time to reorganize your garage in a way that fits all your stuff in a way that is orderly and convenient. Here’s how to do it:

  • Built-in shelving: One of the main reasons stuff tends to pile up in the garage is because of a lack of usable storage space. Instead of relying on the dinky little shelves that were there when you moved or trying to cobble together homemade shelves made of plywood and spare parts, consider investing in built-in shelving solutions that make the most of the space you have available. When well-designed shelving is properly installed, it can provide a surprising amount of storage space.
  • Built-in storage closets : Closets can give your garage even more storage versatility. If you have lots of small items or things that need better protection against the elements than what shelves provide, a few built-in storage closets will provide you with plenty of space to stash your belongings without having to worry about them.

Garage a Storage in Pleasanton, CA

Ready to finally take control of all that stuff you have lying around in your garage? Bay Home & Window has been providing homeowners with expert installation and consulting services for more than two decades. You’ll work with a friendly, experienced team that has performed more than 100,000 installations, and whose work is renowned throughout the industry for its quality and efficiency.

Contact us today at 888-766-5919 to discuss your garage reorganization ideas today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Creating the Ultimate Home Office/Guest Room

Everyone needs a space within their home that they can set up as a home office. Part of the challenge people face is deciding what room to use and whether they have sufficient space. In some homes, you may also need to use the space as a guest room, so fitting everything in becomes another issue you will need to address.

The best time to set up a home office/guest room combination is when you are first moving into a new house. Since the room will already be empty, you do not have the issues of having to remove everything from the room before converting the space.

designing your custom home office in Pleasanton, CA

Even if you are not moving into a new home in the near future, you can still convert a room in your home into a multi-purpose room. For instance, you might need the space for a dedicated home office, an arts and crafts room, or a quiet spot where the kids can do their homework.

Form AND Function – The Importance of Both

When designing your custom home office, built-ins are a great solution . They allow you to take advantage of the room’s form and function so you do not have to sacrifice one over the other.

Form refers to the overall design of the room, from the color scheme to the placement of furniture. Function refers to the purpose of the room—i.e., home office, arts and craft room, guest room, etc.—and who will be using the space.

It is best to define the function of the room first before working on form. The design elements will come into play once you decide exactly how you want to use the room and for what purposes. In our case, we are discussing home office/guest room spaces, so that would be our function.

The form of our room depends on some things we need to do before creating our design. The first and most important thing to do is empty the room of its existing furniture and wall hangings, as well as empty out any closets.

Once the room has been stripped down to the basics—floor, walls, and ceiling—now we can start to consider the design of the room. TIP: With the room bare, this is also a good time to do any repairs, painting, and so on, if needed. Otherwise, give the room a detailed cleaning, including the windows, blinds, and baseboards.

Maximizing Your Floor Space

Most home offices have several key pieces of furniture, such as a desk, filing cabinet/storage, and bookshelves. Fitting these in—along with a bed, end table, and other pieces for the guest room—can be a concern.

The last thing you want is for the room to be overly crowded so that you have to navigate through narrow openings in between furniture just to move around the room. Since your floor space is limited, you can maximize the space with custom Murphy bed and office desk combos .

Murphy Bed in Pleasanton, CA

Murphy beds are wall beds that fold up into the wall and out of the way when they are not being used. They are a great solution for guest rooms that also are being used as home offices or arts and crafts rooms.

The bed can be incorporated into home office built-in furniture solutions where the desk is part of the bed. The desk elements can be designed so they fold up and down on the backside of the bed or are on a moveable hinge/support that also doubles as a support for the bed when it is folded down.

Aside from incorporating a wall bed/desk combination into the room’s design, there are other built-in storage units, shelves, bookcase systems, and furniture options to consider. For instance, you may want to put a TV in the home office/guest room, but want it out of your way when you are using the room as a home office.

living room home office in Pleasanton, CA

A built-in entertainment system would be perfect, with closable/sliding panels that hide the TV when it is not being used. Underneath the section with the TV, you could have built-in shelves or storage included where you can store office supplies, files, or other essential items you require to run your home office.

Some of our past challenges have included designing and building a wall bed into built-in storage shelves, combining a Murphy bed with closeable storage cabinets/drawers, and incorporating a wall bed with “wall” storage when the bed is closed.

Do Not Forget About Closet Space

When you are maximizing the floor space and evaluating different built-in solutions, do not forget the closet space is also valuable floor space you can convert. If you have a larger closet, you can divide it into two smaller built-ins. One side can be used use for office supplies storage and the other side for your guests to hang up clothes and keep suitcases out of the way when they visit.

TIP: If you have a huge walk-in closet and no extra rooms to use for your home office, consider renovating the walk-in for your home office space. Then, have us custom build some built-ins for storing your clothing and apparel.

One Room Becomes Two

By combining the functions of two rooms into one, it can be more economical for homeowners. For example, a family of four requires three bedrooms. The family also wants a home office, a guest room, and an arts and crafts room/playroom for the children.

This family of four would need a six to seven bedroom home! With our built-ins, they could combine the functions of individual rooms so they become two or even three different rooms. They could have us help them combine the home office and guest room into one room and create another room for arts and crafts and play time.

Another potential solution would be to convert a single room into a home office/guest room/arts and crafts room and use one child’s room as a combination bedroom/playroom. We could even help you covert a sitting room you hardly use into a multi-purpose room.

With our built-in room combos, our solutions would mean the difference between a three- or four-bedroom home instead of a six- or seven-bedroom home. The family in our example can enjoy living in a smaller home while still satisfying all of their room requirements.

Who Would Benefit from Multi-Purpose Room Combinations?

Anyone who has a need for a home office and guest room, yet lacks the sufficient space in their home, benefits from our multi-purpose guest bedroom and office combination solutions. In addition, these same solutions can be used in other areas of your home to help you maximize every square inch of your home, including:

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Man Caves
  • Living Rooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Dining Rooms, and More!

Combining the functions of various rooms in your current home or a new home you are getting ready to move into will help you get the most form and function out of your entire home. Not to mention, it could potentially increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell it.

We offer direct wholesale-to-the-public and FREE initial consultations in the Bay Area for all of our built-in products and services. We also provide custom plantation shutters you can use to put the finishing touches on your new home office/guest room combination!

To learn more about our custom home office built-in furniture , custom closet solutions, and other built-in solutions, or our plantation shutters, please feel free to contact Bay Home & Window at 888.766.5919 today!



Utilizing Built-Ins for Functional Storage Solutions

Storage can be an issue in any home, large or small. When your space is seeming as though it’s getting smaller, the solution that not only incorporates function, but style is built-in storage. Bay Home & Window has many cleverly-designed products which can provide storage space in the most stylish, unexpected ways and in every room.

Why Choose Built-Ins?

Homeowners choose built-in storage solutions for many reasons. For one, going this route can cost far less than renovating a room or an entire home. It can also take far less time to build and install a built-in solution than it would to renovate. Below are the top three benefits to choosing built-in storage for your home.

Benefit #1: It Allows You to Take Advantage of Wasted Space

Built-in storage solutions allow you to make full use of your existing space, but they can also create space where there formerly was none. If your home already had areas where storage could be expanded, such as a window seat or bathroom storage cabinet, these can be customized to create additional space.

Benefit #2: Many Styles to Choose From

There are so many different kinds of built-in storage solutions that offer great benefits in terms of choice. With so many options, you can have a different type of solution for every room.

Installing a storage system can allow you to quickly and easily put items like toys or shoes away, as well as offer easy access to built-in storage units when your items are needed again.

Benefit #3: Transform Any Room, Instantly

Built-in storage solutions can transform any room into a mecca of organization.

  • In the Bedroom
  • It may be that your bedroom is currently where you sleep and store your clothes, but when you consult with an expert, you can trade in a tired bedroom for a dressing room, complete with rows of neatly-organized storage. Your old closet with its limited space can now be a walk-in home for every single item of clothing and bedding for which you need room.

    bedroom built in closet in Pleasanton, CA

  • In the Garage

Built-in storage can also do wonders in your garage. Many homeowners suffer from a lack of space in their garages, which not only causes clutter but may even prevent vehicles from being parked inside. Garage clutter is easily taken care of with built-in storage, however. Custom racks and shelving can hold all of your sports gear, including bicycles, kayaks, paddles, and life jackets using valuable wall space that frees up room on the floor.

  • In the Living Room
  • If you’ve been dreaming of having storage space that fits the size of the room and your TV, custom built ins for living rooms can provide all of that and more. Storage can be created to accommodate all your needs.

    An entertainment center that’s been built into your wall can be an incredible space-saver, and you can also have space for storing other items, like important files or favorite toys.

    Traditional entertainment centers can eat up a lot of square footage, but one that uses the space of alcoves or corners can open up the room. What will do you with all of that extra space? You can create more sitting room, add a spot for reading or games or anything else that may come to mind. The only limit is your imagination.

    • A Home Office

    The “dead space” in your home can also be transformed. One example could be the end of a narrow hallway, which can be an ideal spot for an office. Simply place a thick shelf across the width of the hallway with built-in storage along one wall, and you have the benefit of privacy, storage, and natural light if there’s a window there, too.

    Another way to get your ideal home office without taking up extra space is to hide it in a built-in cabinet. This can allow you to have the office space you want when there’s no room for a traditional desk. Shelving can work in a different way by offering a place to set your laptop. Cubby spaces or shelves above can store all of your important files, and under that laptop shelf in your ingenious built in storage closet, you can easily store a stool or ergonomic kneeling chair.

    storage closet in Pleasanton, CA

    If you have bay windows, there’s a lot that can be done under the sill. Why not create that window seat you’ve always wanted, along with under-seat storage for cozy throws and your favorite books?

    The Best Accessories for Built-In Shelving

    There are other items you can also choose to complement your built-in shelving. For the end-of-hallway office that has a window, plantation shutters can add elegance while allowing you to have full control of the light that enters.

    Getting the Built-In Look on a Budget

    Even bookshelves can be made to look as though they were built right in. Not only that, but they can be found anywhere, from garage sales to thrift and donation home improvement stores.

    built in storage shelves, CA

    You can find plans online which can show you how to make them look like they’ve always been there. However, there are caveats with this option; pre-owned bookcases may have a lot of hidden wear that you may not notice until you’ve already purchased the piece.

    As well, if they’ve been stored in a basement or other damp area for a number of years, those old bookshelves may be full of mold, which is the last thing you’ll want to bring into your home. If you’ve looked at what’s out there for used bookshelves and you aren’t impressed, there is another way to get the built in storage shelves you’re looking for, which is to purchase your built-in shelving at wholesale prices .

    Contacting the Right Company for Built-In Storage Solutions

    Building built-in storage is not for everyone, but you can still make your storage dreams a reality; all that’s needed is to contact the right company. Where it comes to making your storage look like it came with your home, there is nothing better than the experience of a professional.

    Someone who knows how to translate your storage ideas into reality will ensure that your built-in storage solution is not only able to handle what you’ll be putting into it, but also that all aspects are measured properly so that drawers, doors, and other functional features can operate as they’re meant to. Above all, they’ll be able to accomplish all of this at the same time as helping you stay within your budget.

    Convert Your Wall Into a Beautiful Built-In Entertainment Center

    Here at Bay Home & Window, we have helped thousands of home owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California enhance their homes with our customizable, built-in wall entertainment center systems . We work with you to develop a design and solution that best suits your needs, from family entertainment designs to gaming system designs and man caves!

    Our designers can convert any existing entertainment or media center, as well as develop a custom solution for a built-in on any wall, in corners, alcoves, above fireplaces, and just about anywhere in the home where you desire a built-in solution.

    Home entertainment center in Pleasanton, CA

    Why Give Your Entertainment Center a Makeover?

    1. Adding a built-in entertainment and media center to your home not only adds charm and appeal to the room but can also increase the value of your home. Unlike stand-alone centers, where you have one or more separate pieces of furniture to place stereos, game systems, converter boxes, and other such devices, and end up with the large clutter of unsightly wires, a built-in solution allows you to hide wires out of sight.
    2. You do not have to worry about wires getting tangled, tripped on, or broken. All wires can be neatly secured to the back side of the built-in center, and only have minimal, if any noticeable exposure.
    3. You eliminate all those different pieces of furniture you are currently using to create space in the room. Built-ins help to save space in the room and open it up to make it feel more inviting.
    4. Besides creating a built-in for your electronics, we offer a variety of custom designed solutions to help incorporate your personal tastes and hobbies. Some of our clients have included additional shelving, sliding and retractable doors, lighting, and other enhancements to put their own personalized touches on their new built-in system.

    For instance, if you like reading books, you need somewhere to store your books while still keeping them organized and presentable. The problem with individual book shelves is they are separate pieces and are prone to falling over if not secured to the wall.

    Since you have to secure them to wall joists, it can result in uneven spacing in between sections. By incorporating additional shelving to the sides of the entertainment center, you can eliminate excess pieces of furniture, save space, and not have to worry about the shelving falling over.

    Keep in mind, this is just one such example of potential solutions we can incorporate into your custom designed wall unit entertainment center .

    How Entertainment Centers Have Changed

    If you recently upgraded to a new flat panel TV and replaced an older and bulkier TV, one thing you will notice right away is the new TV may not fit correctly into your existing entertainment center since it was designed for an older TV.

    Free in Home Consultation with one of Bay Home and Window Expert Designers

    Another thing you will notice, if you go shopping for a new stand-alone media center furniture, is most only offer a place to set the TV on top of the furniture, with shelving or cabinets below. Another thing you will notice is that many modern centers do not have all the shelving and added space for storing CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, like older centers did, or may require purchasing numerous pieces.

    These limitations in designs and storage are what makes a built-in solution a much better choice. You do not have to worry about having one piece of furniture for the TV, another one for your surround sound system with separate speaker stands, a place for a sound bar, and even more pieces for storing CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays.

    How to Mount a Flat Screen TV in an Entertainment Center

    The most important focal point of any entertainment system is the television. Over the past decade, flat panel TVs have become the standard set people use in their homes. They are much thinner and lighter than older TVs or those heavy and bulky rear projection TVs.

    Flat panels come in all different sizes, from smaller screens to huge 90+ inch displays with 4K Ultra HD resolution and even 3D support. Part of designing a custom built-in entertainment wall unit is deciding where you want to place the TV. If it is currently sitting on top of a stand, it does not have to remain in this location.

    The great part of a built-in is you have the flexibility to decide exactly where you want the TV. One popular choice you can consider is to have it mounted to the wall in a specific location, using a wall mounting kit.

    Another option some of our past customers have preferred is to mount it to the back piece of the entertainment unit, allowing for space behind this piece and in between the wall where they can run wiring and keep the wiring out of sight.

    Some people who like upgrading to the latest TVs as new technologies advance forgo mounting the TV to the wall or back of the entertainment center but, instead, have a special shelving section incorporated into their design where they can set the TV. This way, whenever a newer model comes out, it is easier for them to swap out TVs.

    If you have a fireplace in your home, another option you may want to consider is to have a built-in section designed for the TV above the fireplace, and side sections created to the left and right of the fireplace for your other electronics, collectibles, and display pieces.

    TIP: If you intend to upgrade to a larger TV in the future, we do highly recommend having your new built-in wall unit designed to take this into account. This way, when you do get a larger TV, it will already fit into the center and you do not have to worry about making alterations.

    Entertainment Center Makeover Design Ideas

    When you think about the placement of your current entertainment/media center, ask yourself what features you like and those you dislike. Start by making a list and then adding a section of features you currently do not have but want.

    Entertainment Center Makeovers in Pleasanton, CA

    For example, do you want soft, closing pull-out drawers or cabinets with pull-out shelves? Would you like to have glass doors over certain areas or retractable shutters or sliding doors to hide away the TV and other devices when they are not in use?

    Next, think about whether there is a particular theme you are trying to incorporate into the design, like a sports theme for a built-in being added to your man cave or a gaming theme for a built-in solution in your teenager’s room. Themes can influence the color of materials you want to use, the amount of space you require, and the overall placement of electronics and other items into the system once it is completed.

    If you already have a design idea in mind, go ahead and sketch this out on a piece of paper. Our design team can work with rough drawings and your list of features you want, to create a 3D rendering of the finished system before the project even begins.

    Our customers truly like this service because it allows them to visually see how their finished built-in TV entertainment center is going to look. Furthermore, if they want to make changes to the design, choose different materials, or compare different placements like a corner or alcove, these can easily be done using our special design software.

    Our goal is to work with you until you have a design you truly appreciate and like because we want you to be happy with your new built-in now and for years to come! We can help find a solution that improves organization, keeps functionality in mind, and transforms the space into an elegantly finished product.

    For more makeover design ideas, contact Bay Home & Window by calling 888-731-9451 today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our expert designers . We offer a wide selection of materials, custom sizing, and direct wholesale pricing, which can save you up to 20 to 30% off your new built-in solution!

    How to Easily Turn One Room into Two with a Fold-Up Bed

    Founded in 1994, Bay Home & Window is a family-owned company offering direct wholesale to the public. Now one of the country’s leading suppliers of custom window products and built-in organization systems, Bay Home & Window has installed over 100,000 of its quality products in the last two decades.

    When living in a small apartment or room or entertaining guests for one or more nights in your home, you may wish you had a second or third furnished bedroom. If you don’t have much space, a sofa bed may be an ideal alternative. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. A guest room’s large space may go unused for long periods of time, while some may not like the idea of sitting on bedding when it isn’t being used.

    The good news is that there is a third option which can save space, provide storage and offer a comfortable sleeping space for you or your guests. Known as fold-up, wall, and Murphy beds , this space-saving solution can transform any room into a multi-purpose environment.

    fold up bed in closet, CA

    Benefits of a Murphy Bed

    The main benefit of a Murphy bed is that it allows you to create more space in a room. When you have more space, you have more freedom to be creative. Another benefit is that these fold-up beds can be hidden behind nearly anything, from bookshelves to entertainment units. Even those custom Murphy beds which come in many state of the art laminates and woods, offer the benefit of a less cluttered and, therefore, cleaner-looking space.

    Wall beds are also incredibly versatile, able to conform to any space while keeping things organized. When guests depart, you simply fold the bed back up and reclaim your space. When guests arrive, their bed can be ready with virtually no effort on your part.

    How Fold-Up Beds Work

    These beds are, essentially, one box situated inside another. Outside, the bigger box is the casing for the bed. This is what “hides” the Murphy bed when it isn’t in use. Inside this box is where the mattress goes. The inside box is folded down when needed and then folded back up when not needed.

    In addition to the mattress in a wall bed, there are legs situated at the ends of either side to keep the bed off the floor when it is being used. Depending on the style of bed, latches may be required when it is folded up so that the bed stays in its upright position.

    Other important parts of any wall bed are its pistons, which provide support during folding up and down. It is these pistons which, with the correct amount of tension, allow even the heaviest mattress to be lifted with ease by virtually anyone.

    Some fold-up beds are installed right into a wall, which is a great idea if this kind of recess is pre-existing. However, making a recess will require your Murphy bed installers to go several inches into the wall. More commonly, free-standing wall beds are what the majority of customers purchase. This style of bed must be attached to its supporting wall in a secure manner.

    Ways to Turn One Room into Two

    Virtually any room can be transformed by a wall bed. Below are just a few of several ways that installing a fold-up bed can make your room more useful than ever.

    In the Living Room

    A sofa bed in the living room is a definite space saver, but it can’t store anything else. The same is true of an entertainment center; it holds your TV and DVR along with movies and other items, but it could be doing more.

    By swapping out a static sofa bed and entertainment center with a Murphy bed entertainment center, you can have the best of both worlds. Some combinations offer a roll-away TV wall, while others leave the TV space as a static component. Regardless, the instant extra bed is only a few steps away when guests arrive.

    The Convertible Office

    An office space is yet another ideal location for a wall bed. There are many elegant designs available in a number of configurations. You can choose a bed that folds down to replace your office space or install a bed-only unit on an opposite wall when you want your office space to be more permanent.

    fold-up, wall beds in Pleasanton, CA

    Whatever the case, a wall bed with desk can afford you the opportunity to maintain your workspace without having to rearrange the room in order to have sleeping space for guests or yourself. If separation is needed between the two areas, a simple screen or pocket door can provide what you need.

    Getting Crafty

    Craft rooms are for creativity, which is what makes them ideal spaces for fold-up beds. Instead of trying to roll a single bed or fold out a sofa into or out of the room, all that’s needed is to pull the bed down. Today’s wall beds can include anything you need, including nooks and crannies to store all of your craft supplies.

    With so many options, there’s no need to have to relocate any of your craft projects because folding down the bed won’t disturb anything.

    Split a Studio

    If you live in a smaller space, such as a studio apartment, this is where a fold-up bed can really shine. You can convert your space for living and sleeping, simply by raising and lowering your bed. These kinds of beds make it easy to define your space and keep it free of clutter, which is another important aspect of living in a small space.

    With a free-standing bed, it can be easy to rearrange your space when you need a change, or when you are adding another function to your apartment, such as a small office. You can also choose a bed with closet space for even more versatility.

    Should I Get a Murphy Bed?

    Depending on its size, a traditional bed can take up several square feet of room, but a wall bed can allow you to reclaim all of that space. You can still enjoy a luxuriously comfortable mattress in your bedroom; the only difference is that you get the best of both worlds because you can free up lots of room in just a few minutes by making the bed and then folding it up.

    The same is true in the guest room. If you’ve ever wanted another room in your home, a Murphy bed allows you to have it, but without the costs of renovating. You can move the bed into the room and, instead of keeping that room reserved for guests, you can use more of your home’s space.

    Mattress Types and Direction


    If you are used to having a mattress and a box spring, switching to a fold-up bed will require a bit of adjustment. This is because the depth of the bed doesn’t allow for a box spring. As well, the weight of the box spring wouldn’t allow the bed to be raised or lowered with ease.

    However, with today’s pillow-top mattresses, you don’t need a box spring. Or, if you already have a mattress you love, you can find a bed that fits it or have a wall bed custom-made for it, depending on your budget .

    When you think of a fold-up bed, you may think of the kind of product typical of the traditional wall beds in the SF Bay area that you reach up to pull down vertically. However, these beds are also available in horizontal configurations. Homes with narrow walls may benefit more from the vertical style, while homeowners wishing to offer space for guests that can also be used at other times may opt for the horizontally-mounted variety.

    The Importance of Expertise


    When looking for a Murphy bed, it’s important to ensure that it will not only fit your mattress but has been designed to fit your desired purpose. However, even the most attractively designed wall bed will serve no purpose unless it operates properly and has been correctly secured. This is why it’s so important to ensure you obtain the advice of professionals when choosing and installing your fold-up bed.

    Bay Home & Window have been designing and installing custom wall beds and other solutions for over 20 years. Our installation team is one of the most experienced in the country. If you’ve been considering the many benefits of a Murphy bed and are in the San Francisco Bay area, you are eligible for a free in-home design consultation . Get the expert advice you need by calling 888-766-5919 or by booking your appointment online.