• Plantation Shutter Materials

    Different Plantation Shutter Materials

    Plantation shutters are an excellent option for homeowners who want to put something other than blinds or curtains over their windows. Plantation shutters in the Bay Area are available in a wide range of materials, and there is definitely one that is right for your home. WindWood plantation shutters are one of the most popular […]

  • What to Know Before You Organize Your Garage

    If your garage is filled to the brim with everything from family heirlooms to workout equipment to lawn and garden tools, now is the perfect time to get it into order. Home organization systems make it easy to clean out your garage and keep it clean moving forward. By using organization systems , you can […]

  • Compact wall beds from Bay Home and Window

    Transforming Your Space with a Wallbed [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Have you ever wished that you had more space in your home? A home addition is a big project that takes time and money, but you may be able to achieve some of the same goals without the dust of construction. With multifunctional furniture and a well-planned organizational scheme, you can have a home office, […]

  • Organize Your Office, Organize Your Life

    By using home organization systems to de-clutter your office, you can keep your workspace clean and become more efficient when you are using it. There are a variety of Bay Area home organization systems that will help you to clear off your desk and put everything into place. Watch this video to see how you […]

  • Shutters for Light Control in Bedroom

    The Advantages of Plantation Shutters

    Are you in the market for new window treatments right now? If so, you should strongly consider adding plantation shutters to the windows in any room of your house. They will allow you to keep light out and maintain privacy in your home while simultaneously adding an excellent decorative feature to your windows. There are […]