• Getting the Most Out of Your Garage: Creating Space for Hobbies and Projects

    Do you pine for a place in your house to call your own – one where your spouse, kids, and pets don’t interrupt your hobbies and projects? If you have a garage, this can be the place where you stake your claim! Take advantage of the opportunity to create a room you can retreat to and focus on your passions. Here’s how.  Declutter  Odds are […]

  • Creating the Ultimate Playroom

    Do you have a chronically cluttered playroom? If you’ve stepped on one too many Lego’s, you may be ready to get a handle on playroom organization once and for all. With this guide, you can learn what it takes to create the ultimate playroom experience for your children, both now and as they reach their teenage years.  […]

  • Pro-tips for Spring cleaning season by Bay Home and Window

    Conquer Spring Cleaning Like a Pro

    As winter comes to a close here in the Bay Area, you may be looking forward to warming temperatures and dryer conditions over the summer. Welcome the changing seasons with a little spring cleaning. Not sure where to start? With our guide, you can conquer spring cleaning like a pro!  Spring Cleaning Tasks  These once-a-year chores are perfectly suited for […]

  • The Benefits of Wall Beds

    Do you wish you had room for guests to stay over? Perhaps you have a dedicated guest room that feels like wasted space most of the time. With wall beds, you can create an attractive, comfortable place for your guests to sleep without wasting any square footage. Consider the benefits of adding this custom solution to your Bay Area home.  Free […]

  • Which Shutters are Right for Your Windows?

    Window coverings have a big impact on the comfort, aesthetics, and lighting of a room. From blinds and shades to curtain and drapes, you have plenty of options available. If you’ve decided on plantation shutters for your windows, you still have a few choices to make. Use this guide to help you decide what type of shutters are right for you.  Window […]

  • Here’s How to Organize your Pantry and Keep it that Way!

    How is your pantry? Is it well-organized, or do you have trouble finding what you need? Whether you’re an experienced chef or frozen pizza fanatic, every family needs an organized pantry. Here’s how to organize your pantry to perfection, and keep it that way.   Find a system that works for you. You can find organizational tools in any big box store, […]

  • Refresh your home in 2019

    Freshen up your home for 2019!

    It’s almost 2019! When setting your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about your home, especially the areas that tend to get out of control, like the laundry room, mudroom, and garage. Giving these areas in your home a little love will prepare you for a fresh start in the new year. Here are some tips for getting started.   Downsize. Resolve to make 2019 the […]

  • How to Create a Productive Workspace in Your Home

    A growing number of employees work remotely rather than commuting to the office. Then, many entrepreneurs who start their own businesses do so from their home office. Even if you don’t work from home, you may still need a place where you can focus on paying bills, filing your taxes and completing other personal tasks.   No matter your precise situation, you could benefit from having a productive […]

  • Walk-in Closets by Bay Home and Window

    How to Organize Your Walk-in Closet

    A walk-in closet can be a boon or a bane, depending on how it’s used. Is yours a glorified dumping ground, cluttered and crowded? If so, you may have trouble finding what you need. Here, we offer some organizational tips to help you make your walk-in closet a dream of orderly efficiency.   Create a place […]

  • Create an Entertainment Center Perfect for Hosting!

    Throughout the modern home, you’ll find attractive and functional built-in features. Our kitchens have built-in cabinetry, our books and mementos are displayed on built-in bookshelves, and even our closets are organized using custom built-ins. If your entertainment center is still a big, heavy, piece of furniture, or smaller pieces jumbled together, you’re missing the boat. An entertainment […]