The Best Window Treatments to Prevent Dust and Allergens

Sep 16, 2022

The Best Window Treatments to Prevent Dust and AllergensIf you are an allergy sufferer, you’re familiar with the coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and other unpleasant symptoms that leave you desperate for relief. While we often think that allergies ramp up in the spring, it’s quite possible to suffer from them all year long, especially in the winter when our homes are closed up tightly for months. While it may not be the most obvious solution, changing out your window treatments can help reduce dust and allergens in your home and provide you with some alleviation. Consider these window treatments options to help reduce things like pet dander and dust:

  • Plantation shutters – Hard window treatments are always a better choice for reducing dust and allergens than soft window coverings, because they attract less dust. Plantation shutters are the ideal hard window treatment, as they’re available in materials like composite and wood and can be cleaned easily with just the wipe of a microfiber cloth. Plus, they offer a sophisticated, timeless appearance that will instantly enhance your home’s interior.
  • Faux wood blinds – Like plantation shutters, faux wood blinds are a hard window treatment that’s easy to keep clean with a light dusting and are as stylish as they are practical.
  • Roller shades – Dust can’t adhere to roller shades when they’re pulled up, which makes them an ideal choice for allergy-friendly homes. Plus, when they’re pulled down, they’re flat and simple to clean with just a vacuum.
  • Vertical blinds – Vertical surfaces do not allow dust to collect as easily as horizontal surfaces do. Simply dust your vertical blinds and wipe them down with a washcloth every few months to catch any lingering allergens.

In order to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating in your home, try to avoid window treatments such as drapes and small-slatted blinds, which both act as a magnet for dust and dander.

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