Bay Home and Window Plantation Shutters 101

Oct 25, 2016


Plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to every home, but those made and installed by Bay Home and Window are exceptional. Offered in quality materials and brands, made in custom designs, and sold at amazing prices, Bay Home and Window plantation shutters can give your home the aesthetic appeal and protection it needs. Let’s take a quick look at the plantation shutters offered at Bay Home and Window.

High-Quality Products

Bay Home and Window offers the best products for a home’s plantation shutters, from natural wood to synthetic. Plantation shutters come in natural woods and vinyl, both of which offer countless design and color options. Both wood and vinyl shutters are incredibly durable and will stand the test of time against the sun’s rays and any interior contaminants. They both require very little maintenance, besides occasional dusting and semi-annual professional cleaning.

Custom Designs

Bay Home’s talented designers and installers have over 20 years of experience with every size and shape of interior shutters in homes and commercial buildings across the Bay Area. This feature makes it easier to decorate and match other areas of the home or building. Whether shutters are needed on an accent window, patio doors, or a large bay window, Bay Home and Window can easily design, manufacture, and install a beautiful plantation shutter.

Exceptional Prices

Plantation shutters found with Bay Home and Window also come with free installation. This service is a great boon to homeowners and business owners alike. These shutters are also offered at wholesale prices to the public. This can mean anywhere from 20-30% off typical retail prices. Coupled with high-quality materials and custom designs, Bay Home and Window plantation shutters are the perfect addition to any home or business.

Call Bay Home and Window for the best plantation shutters in the Bay Area . We also offer custom organization systems to help better organize homes and condos around Northern California. To learn more about our many services, please call us at 888-303-0289.