An Overview of How to Create a Custom Closet Design

Aug 31, 2016

Create a Custom Closet Design

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or you have some extra space to take advantage of, updating your closet can do wonders. The process of designing a new closet is not very difficult, especially when you work with an expert closet designer and builder . Continue reading for an overview of how you can create your new custom closet design.

Determine Your Needs

Before your custom closet design can be created, your closet and storage needs should be determined. Go through your current closet, and any other closets you wish to combine into one space, and make a list. Look for the items you have the most of or the items you want to be protected. For example, many women will install organization systems that also protect their jewelry.

Assess Your Space

After you have determined what is most important in your closet space, you can work with your closet designer on finding the available space. You may wish to extend your closet into another room, especially if college-aged children have moved out. Depending on your space, you may decide to reorganize your current closet space to accommodate your new design.

Find Built-In Organization Tools

There are many organizational tools and features that can be used for any of your closet needs. Built-in organization typically includes drawers, shelves, shoe organizers, clothing racks, and areas for valuables like jewelry or tie clips.

Personalize Your Closet

Part of creating a custom closet design means personalizing the closet to you. With your built-in organization, you are making the first step. Make the closet completely personal to you with your favorite color scheme, new carpeting or hardwood flooring, and making room for a few knickknacks.

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